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Deciding on a blogging Niche: 7 Things to consider Do you ever wonder how famous bloggers came up with their blogging niche?  A niche is what your blog talks about. It is the topic that you blog about. It can be about travel, health, home improvement and many other topics.Read More →

 6 Scientifically Proven Ways to Raise the Happiest Kids There are many articles out today that tell us how to raise our kids.  But to raise well-adjusted and happy kids is a whole different ball game.  Science has proven that there are a few tips that can help us toRead More →

7 Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online The internet these days helps your kids learn new things, socialize, and be very creative, but it can also be a danger zone if you don’t keep your kids safe while they are online.  It is your job to create a safe environmentRead More →

These 10 STEPS TO MASTERING MINIMALISM will help you live a less stress life. 10 STEPS TO MASTERING MINIMALISM You must be having some strong connotations every time you hear the word minimalism. At most times, your connotations about this word might be negative. Many people think minimalism has toRead More →

Now that we are getting closer to spring clean time, here are 5 cleaners you shouldn’t buy but DIY. 5 cleaners you shouldn’t buy but DIY Are you fed up with spending money on things such as cleaning products? Why are there so many kinds of cleaning products in theRead More →

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. All opinions are 100% mine. Nationwide provided me with information regarding its blog post. I was very fortunate as a teenager to have many opportunities to travel all around the world.  With these experiences, I developedRead More →

If kids or parents are uncomfortable or bored while traveling, things can go downhill fast – and not in a fun, skiing kind of way! That was one of the motivators behind creating Dream Frenz! They are super comfy pillows to rest your head on in a car or onRead More →

One of the decisions that my husband and I made early on in our marriage was that my husband would not let having kids affect our traveling.  I have had a travel bug since I was young and love seeing the world and going on adventures.  Traveling with preschoolers canRead More →

I have been a new mom four times now. It really is amazing to me because it seems like every time that I was a new mom things were different. My babies were different, they responded to different things and the products available to me have changed. My youngest isRead More →

  It is not secret that babies are expensive.  I have four kids and looking back I can’t believe all of the money I spent on them. Between diapers, clothes, crib, formula, and more, it really adds up.  The worst part, is looking back and realizing all of the moneyRead More →

I find Clutter to be very frustrating.  It makes me feel stressed and frustrated.  Sometimes though, it can be really hard to tackle.  I find that it really helps to break it all down into more manageable steps so you can actually accomplish it.  Here are Ganizers 7 Tips forRead More →

 This post is sponsored by Pampers.  All opinions are my own. Potty training is different for every kid.  I have four kids and I am amazed how different it was for each kid.  After my first two kids, I thought Potty training was just about the easiest thing in theRead More →

Bladder leakage is often a topic that no one wants to talk about. It is a topic that my be embarrassing, uncomfortable or secretive. Did you know that you don’t need to be embarrassed to talk about it? Why? Because there is a good chance that the person you areRead More →

Hi! I’m Jessie from the blog Utah Mom Connection and I am super excited to be visiting today at A Sparkle of Genius! Kids grow fast and that means a constantly changing wardrobe. Updating a closet every season can get super expensive and be a huge strain on a familyRead More →

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