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These 10 STEPS TO MASTERING MINIMALISM will help you live a less stress life.


You must be having some strong connotations every time you hear the word minimalism. At most times, your connotations about this word might be negative. Many people think minimalism has to do with sacrifice, poverty-stricken urchin or going without. A minimalistic life should be voluntarily and enjoyable since it more of a benefit than what you might think.

What is minimalism?

Minimalism involves removing everything that you don’t need from life. It emphasizes on extreme simplicity. You not only have to de-clutter a lot of material goods, but also an overabundance of mainstream mindsets that makes it hard for you to navigate yourself towards voluntary simplicity.

The journey towards minimalism should not be difficult as many tend to think. The steps below make it less stressful to master minimalism.

  • Identify your basics

What do you need entirely? Write down everything that you necessarily need to use every day. Be as detailed as possible. If you write a lot of details, it will be easier for you to determine what to leave. For example, you can write that you need a blanket, a toothbrush, a phone, etc. Listing down what you need helps you to avoid impulse buying.

  • Keep your goals in mind

Why do you want to become a minimalistic person? Changing to such a lifestyle is a personal process, and you need to stay focused. Are you aiming to have more time with your family, looking for peace of mind or trying to save? Whatever your goal is, keep in mind and work towards achieving it.

  • Analyze people in your life

You know what you need most in life. If what you need are peace, simplicity, and serenity, you might need to de-clutter some people in your life. Sometimes we make decisions based on what our friends would like us to have. You might realize that you do some things to fit in your group of friends. You might need to separate yourself from such friends to achieve your goals.

  • Find alternative ways to minimize

You decide to live a simple life. Take a look at your wallet, your house, and your heart and decide how you are going to achieve living a simple life. You might have to stop checking your social media profile or email until a particular time of the day. Decide wisely anything so long as it helps you achieve simplicity in peace.

  • Learn to consume less

Sometimes we tend to buy things so that we can keep up with the latest trends especially in fashion. As much as it might not be expensive, you might end up having many unnecessary things. Buying what you need helps you to consume less and consciously.

  • Get rid of fluff

There are some things that you have but might not be using them. Why shouldn’t you consider donating them? You can also sell them. You can call your local thrift stores and inquire about what to sell or donate. It is so refreshing to let go what you don’t need in your home.

  • Organize yourself

Due to many commitments, your to-do list might overwhelm you. You might need to keep a list of things that you can manage to do in a day and push the next ones to the next day. You might not be able to do everything, but staying organized helps you feel in control of everything.

  • Learn to say no

Do you prioritize what is most important and say no to the rest? You need to determine your control level. Identify what you can manage peacefully. Don’t be quick to answer when you are asked to participate in an event.

  • Slow down

If you have many things to do, you might end up doing many things in a hurry. Slowing down allows you to pause for a moment. Research shows that multitasking interferes with the quality compared with focusing on one task at a time. Your goal is to do things correctly and peacefully. Slowing down might be what you need.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself with others might interfere with your peace of mind. You will always be working to get what they have and not what you need. Remember what someone else has might not be same as what you need.

Living a minimalistic life is not something that you can achieve overnight. It needs a lot of consistency and self-discipline. Do it one step at a time as you understand what matters a lot to you with time. In the end, you will realize that you are more at peace, happier and more fulfilled than before.

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