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10 Tips for Potty Training #PampersEasyUps


 This post is sponsored by Pampers. All opinions are my own.

Potty training is different for every kid. I have four kids and I am amazed how different it was for each kid. After my first two kids, I thought Potty training was just about the easiest thing in the world. They learned fast and we didn't have any accidents. With my youngest two, it was a completely different experience. Especially with my youngest. My youngest will be 4 next month and she still isn't fully potty trained. Its kind of embarrassing to admit that, but i'm sure we are not alone in our struggle. It was nice being able to get friends and family to come over and talk Potty Training so I could learn what worked for them and try it with my daughter.


Pampers easy ups has been a life saver for us and has helped to keep me sane. When my daughter turned 3 we though she HAD to be in underwear so we made the switch completely. We were constantly cleaning up messes and she woke up with a wet bed every morning. I was getting so frustrated because it felt like everyones kid was potty trained by this age. I was tired of having to wash and spray her bed every morning. That is when I turned to Pampers easy ups for help. I'm so glad that I did. Pampers Easy ups has an absorbent core that holds 25% more than the other leading training pant (Huggies® Pull-Ups® Learning Designs®) and ensures little ones remain dry. This means that I don't have to worry about a wet bed in the morning and my daughter is much happier.


Pampers sent me a really fun party kit so I could host a Pampers easy-ups at home party. In this kit I received everything that I needed to decorate for the party, tableware and gifts for the guests. Because potty training is currently such a struggle for me, I was really excited to host this party.


Pampers was so kind to also send me a hostess gift. I received Pampers Easy ups, You and Me Against the Pee by L. Jana, MD, and a Fisher Price Potty Ring. It was so nice to be able to receive the tools to help in our own potty training process. PartySmores

We invited friends and family members over to the party. It was important to me that I invited guys and girls at different stages and ages of Potty Training because I felt the wide range would give the most well rounded advice. It was fun seeing how the tips varied between guys and girls and different ages. We definitely learned a lot about helping our kids through the process. Here are 10 Tips for Potty Training from my guests.

1. Lots of Patience

2. Reward Success with Appropriate Treats

3. Encourage

4. Sing Songs

5. Wait until they are ready

6. Remind them regularly

7. Keep it positive

8. Be prepared for setbacks.

9. Start talking about it with them before you start so they know what to expect

10. Set a timer for when they are on the potty. Even if they don't go, they get used to sitting on the potty.

Here are some of my favorite Pampers Easy Ups Potty Training Tips by L. Jana, MD:

  • Promote potty learning. Instead of referring to your child’s transition from wearing diapers to using the potty as “potty training,” consider calling it “potty learning.” After all, mastering this eagerly anticipated milestone of childhood takes time, teaching, and plenty of practice and patience!
  • Take a teamwork approach.
  • Embrace success. 
  • Watch for the signs. 

After we finished reading You and Me Against the Pee by L. Jana, MD, and talking about Potty training tips and Pampers easy ups, we went outside to enjoy some delicious s'mores! Yum!


I was able to send each guest home with a Pampers gift bag that included Pampers easy ups and the book You and Me Against the Pee by L. Jana, MD. I loved being able to use this book to break the ice and talk about a topic that many moms struggle with. It is so helpful to get the advice of family and friends to help make the process smoother for all!

Pampers easy ups are available for both Boys and Girls sizes 2T/3T through 4T/5T. My kids love having their favorite characters on them. They are stretchy and comfortable so your toddler can easily pull them up and down. The underwear-like design is perfect for transitioning to underwear. Thank your Pampers for helping us have such a great party!

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