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Five tips for throwing a stress-free party! #TweetFromTheSeat

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Two different types of Charmin toilet paper rolls in front of a lit Christmas tree, embodying five tips for throwing a stress-free party.I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Charmin. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I love throwing parties. I really find it fun to invite friends and families over for a dinner for a holiday gathering. Every Christmas I host Christmas eve dinner in my home and we have around 25 guests. When I first got married this was very stressful for me because I wanted everything to be perfect. Often I would find that the party wasn't fun because I was too nervous about everything going perfectly. When the party was over I would be exhausted because of all of the stress. Over the years I have learned the importance of taking the needed steps to make the party as stress free as possible. Here are Five tips for throwing a stress-free party!

Chalk-written advice on a blackboard: "Five tips for throwing a stress-free party!

Five tips for throwing a stress-free party!

  1. Don’t worry about being perfect. Your guests are happy just to be with you. If you need, you can plan your whole menu with platters or trays that your get from your favorite grocery store. If you want to make your own food, you can plan a menu that can be prepared the day before the party or a low-stress menu that can be prepared the day of.
  2. Make lists ahead of time. I love lists. I write lists for everything. Invite lists, to do lists, menu lists, to buy lists, and more. Write everything down and check it off as you go. It feels good to check items off your list. Start early so you have plenty of time to get everything done before the big party.
  3. Create a stress free environment by playing your favorite holiday music while you work. Music is relaxing and can make you feel good so you can get more done.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You could also assign guests to bring items. People enjoy the opportunity to show off their party skills, too. A roll of white toilet paper with an embossed pattern, featuring five tips for throwing a stress-free party, mounted on a wall holder.
  5. Don’t forget to have have a full of Charmin toilet paper in your bathroom. There is NOTHING worse than going to the bathroom with an empty toilet paper roll. Personally, I always feel more comfortable having a whole bunch of rolls of toilet paper in my bathroom so I don't have to worry at all about running out. I like to keep a basket full of them so I can enjoy my party without worrying about embarrassed guests. Charmin offers  Ultra Strong or Ultra Soft toilet paper so not only are you prepared for your party but with you use 4 times less toilet tissue so you are less likely to run out!

A basket of toilet paper rolls on top of a white cabinet: Five tips for throwing a stress-free party.

You definitely want to avoid this embarrassment:

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Entertaining can be a lot of fun when you take the steps to be less stressful. But even when you are prepared there are things that can go wrong. During Thanksgiving dinner we had the unfortunate mishap where our toilet got clogged. The joys of having a newly potty trained kit at the party! Luckily most of our guests were family members and they were patient and understand. This Christmas we are better prepared with Charmin.

Charmin ensures their plumbing will stay clog-free no matter how many guests you have at your party! But if the problem does arise you can trust Charmin and Roto-Rooter to come to the rescue. They have teamed up to help us have a clog-free and septic-safe holiday. Did you know that "RotoRooter plumbers recommend Charmin more than any other brand. Not only does Charmin have Roto-Rooter’s stamp of approval to be clogfree  and septic-safe, but it is also used by plumbers more than any other brand."

For more information you can follow Charmin on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you like most about planning for the holidays?

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