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6 Scientifically Proven Ways to Raise the Happiest Kids

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 A close up of a flower and text6 Scientifically Proven Ways to Raise the Happiest Kids

There are many articles out today that tell us how to raise our kids. But to raise well-adjusted and happy kids is a whole different ball game. Science has proven that there are a few tips that can help us to make a plan and have them turn out just fine. Here are just 6 of the top tips for Ways to Raise the Happiest Kids.

Tips for Raising Happier Kids

  1. Always support your shy child.  Research has shown that if you have a bashful little one it is important to do things and try new activities to get them out of their current comfort zone. If you start to shelter your child, this could lead to problems with anxiety and fears that are avoidable. Try not to change your child's surroundings too much, but make sure you let them be themselves and enjoy new things.
  2. Try to live only in the moment.  As adults we tend to plan more for the future than stay in the day and what’s going on right now. Try to communicate with your young child that something is coming up, but don't rush them or make them feel anxious over it. Just say things like, “It’s almost time to leave for Grandma’s” instead of talking a lot about it and possibly getting them overexcited.
  3. Work on slowing down.  In our everyday lives, it can be nonstop go go go. Try to slow down a bit and go at the pace of your child. They aren’t as concerned as you are about what’s to come, but they do need to know that you are moving at their speed a lot of the time.
  4. Be a polite role model.  Just by simply adding the phrases, “Please” and “Thank You” in your everyday language can make a world of difference in raising a polite and happy kid. Be the parent they look up to when greeting others and help them form their own way as they grow up.
  5. Keep it simple.  When raising your kids and trying to be a good parent becomes a little more difficult for you try just keeping it simple. Create a loving, warm, and affectionate environment for them so they always know where they can go to receive love and comfort. As they grow older, let them find their way and make some mistakes without you trying to control their every move.
  6. Be funny and have some laughs.  You don’t have to be so serious all the time, especially if you have a curious toddler who likes to have fun and tell jokes. Laughter is always the best medicine and keeps things light around your home. As your kids get older they will realize when it’s time to be serious and when it’s okay to laugh a little.

When your kids are young it is a very important time to instill some good behaviors and ways for them to find their way as they go to school and start forming friendships. Try to be optimistic with them, encourage open communication, and show them love in order to help them become the happiest they can be.

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