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7 Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online

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7 Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online

The internet these days helps your kids learn new things, socialize, and be very creative, but it can also be a danger zone if you don’t keep your kids safe while they are online. It is your job to create a safe environment for them and to help make the best choices when they do get on the computer. Check out these 7 great tips to protect your kids.

Online Safety tips for Kids

  1. Be a great example.  Here is an opportunity to set an example for your kids to follow when using the home computer and any other devices that they have. Don’t spend all your time staring at the computer screen especially when your kids want your attention. This will show them that they come first and therefore when you need them to wrap it up on their laptop, they will shut down and give you their attention as well.
  2. Set rules.  Now you have to set some house rules when it comes to computer time. Depending on their age, you can decide the times that they can be online and make it clear that there are no exceptions. If you have a few kids, then assign days to them during the week and then on the weekends, you can open it up to everyone based on when the chores are done. I also recommend having a charging station if they have devices that they are using online where all phones get turned in at night. 
  3. Change search engine settings.  Go ahead and set restrictions on your search engine so that it can block unsafe sites with explicit material and offensive type websites. There is a great family filter through Google that is free and will help protect your kids. Also try AltaVista which can block off-limits sights.
  4. Be there for your kids.  You want to be available to your kids while they are surfing the net, so whenever they see something that isn’t right or makes them feel uncomfortable, you want them to come to you right away. Keep the lines of communication open at all times.
  5. Keep computer in friendly zone.  You will need to decide where to keep your family computer and I would suggest in a spot where there is a lot of space and traffic going by so that you can keep your eye on your kids.
  6. Be in the know.  There is a great program called Spector 2.2 that will take pictures at different times throughout the day of where your child is on the internet. You can view what they’ve been up to and then be able to have a healthy conversation about internet safety if there is anything inappropriate.
  7. Teach them online safety. As soon as your child is old enough to be online, it is time to explain to them about not giving out any personal information about them or your family. Some tips are: 1. Never give out phone number, 2. Don’t disclose any email addresses, 3. NEVER make plans to meet anyone that they’ve met online.

It is more important than ever to teach your kids about using the internet in a positive way. It can be a super tool for them to use for school and for play, but make sure they know the in’s and out’s of internet security. Lets help Keep Kids Safe Online.

The important online safety tips you read above include:

  • Be a Great Example
  • Set Rules
  • Change Search Engine Setting
  • Be there for your kids
  • Keep computer in friendly zone
  • Be in the Know
  • Teach them online safety

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