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8 Tips for Traveling with Kids this Summer

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8 Essential Tips for Traveling with Kids this Summer," displayed over a collage of children engaging in outdoor activities.If kids or parents are uncomfortable or bored while traveling, things can go downhill fast – and not in a fun, skiing kind of way! That was one of the motivators behind creating Dream Frenz! They are super comfy pillows to rest your head on in a car or on a plane, and have a soft retractable tiny body to make them into stuffed pals!

You can even put your hands inside to use them as puppets and make up a play! Here are other COMFORT and ENTERTAINMENT items we always have on hand when traveling – this will surely inspire your family to come up with your own as well!

  1. Sandwich bags are a must! Fill them with your favorite little items that you can put together for each individual child – notepads, stickers, crayons, and healthy snacks are our favorite items to travel with in baggies! When the baggies are empty, you can even recycle and use them as trash bags.
  2. Socks for airplane rides allows kids to be comfy without shoes on but keep feet warm and cozy, even in summer months. Also bring light blankets for cars or economy flights that don’t provide them.
  3. Even in this day of digital and electronics obsession, the best travel companions are books. Not just books to read, but activity books, books of connect the dots or games, easy crossword, word searches, coloring! These don’t run out of battery, don’t make noise, malfunction or break and not a tragedy if lost.
  4. Aluminum Foil Art is a fun and cheap activity that keeps children busy and encourages them to use their imaginations, perfect for long car rides! Give each child a sheet of aluminum foil and encourage them to use their imagination to make something creative. Give them a few ideas to get them going if they aren’t sure how to begin, start by making different little zoo animals.
  5. Remember that takeoff and landing can be stressful/hurtful to ears. Bring pacifiers for tiny tots, gummies or other item to suck on for older kids and even parents, and maybe a comforting item – or hand – to hold onto.
  6. Road Trip Scavenger Hunt: Give each child a list of items to watch for while driving. Check off each item when they find it. The list can be made up ahead of time and adjusted for the scenery. For a younger child who can’t read, you might draw a little picture of each item next to the word
    so they will know what to look for.
  7. Sometimes staycations are the best kind of family time together! Use this time for special trips to the zoo, a new park nearby water front or museum and take along some of the things you would on a longer journey such as a journal, sketchbook, camera, bags for collecting things.
  8. Low tech items are also great for all kids! Comforting low tech items are a must when traveling! Your child can hold onto, touch and feel their favorite stuffed animal for reassurance. Dream Frenz have become a favorite with many kids who are comforted in stressful situations, like takeoff or landing on a plane. Kids can rub their hands along the stitched pattern on the back of the Dream Frenz or cuddle up with them and they are immediately comforted. These can be the perfect travel companion for your child!

In conclusion, traveling with kids can be a challenging experience, but with the right preparation and mindset, it can also be a rewarding and unforgettable adventure for the whole family. By following the tips we've provided in this guide, you can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable trip this summer.

From planning and packing to keeping your kids entertained on the go, every step counts towards a successful family vacation. So don't let the fear of traveling with kids hold you back, embrace the journey and create lifelong memories together. Happy travels!

Sharing is caring!