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Three tips for teaching kids to regularly brush their teeth

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Variety of children's oral hygiene products, with tips for teaching kids to regularly brush their teeth, featuring superhero and movie themes displayed on a wooden surface.I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of Firefly®, REACH®, and One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

I have four kids and with each one we really had to work hard to get them in the habit of brushing their teeth regularly. They would either try to skip it all together or they would brush their teeth so fast that it really didn't help them enough. With each kids I needed to find a solution that worked from them and made them want to brush their teeth. Brushing teeth is so important so it was necessary that I quickly found a solution for each child. Here are Three tips for teaching kids to regularly brush their teeth.

tips for teaching kids to regularly brush their teethA packaged reach advanced design medium toothbrush designed for hard-to-reach places, perfect for teaching kids to regularly brush their teeth.

  1.  Give them a why. This works better with the older kids because they are able to rationally understand what you are talking about. I found that it is so important to teach them. Tell them exactly why they should brush their teeth. I have found that kids respond really well to know the why behind a reason and knowing that their parents really do have a purpose to what we have kids do. Reach Advanced Design toothbrush or the Reach Ultra Clean toothbrush is a great choice for older kids because it helps them to reach the hard to reach places.A spider-man themed firefly anticavity fluoride rinse for kids with a fun pump dispenser offers tips for teaching kids to regularly brush their teeth.
  2. Brush along side them. Let them see you regularly brushing your teeth. Kids like to copy the behavior of their parents. If you brush along side them, it will help them to get excited about brushing their own teeth. Just like a little boy wants to learn to shave when he sees his daddy shave, the same applies to brushing their teeth. It is in the copying moments where you can also teach them about flossing their teeth and using Fluoride. My son really responded to the Spider-man Firefly Fluoride Rinse because it was one of his favorite characters and easy to use.A young child playfully brushing their teeth with a toothbrush designed to look like a red lightsaber, demonstrating tips for teaching kids to regularly brush their teeth.
  3. Make it fun. We all know that it is easier to teach our kids when they are having fun in the process. You can make teeth brushing fun, too. You can set goals for how long you are going to brush your teeth and countdown together, you can let them choose their favorite character toothbrush, or you can listen to music as you brush. Each kids will have something different that they find fun about brushing their teeth. My son thought the Firefly Kylo Ren Lightsaber toothbrush was just about the coolest thing in the world and is always very eager to brush his teeth with it! Really, though,  I think I need one for myself because not only does it look cool, but it also lights up and has sound effects.

We loved all of the different products that we were able to try out. The favorites were definitely the Kylo Ren Lightsaber toothbrush and the Spider-man fluoride. I would definitely recommend these different products to try as you are working to teach your kids that importance of brushing their teeth.


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