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how to make a calming jar- 7 Tips To Help Your Child Calm Down-

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Wonder how to make a calming jar?Calm Down Without Timeout

7 Tips To Help Your Child Calm Down

1. Find them a  place where they can be alone.  This works best if it is a place that is all their own. A place where they know they can escape to, and no one is going to be there. Sometimes kids just need to be alone. This is the place where they can go and know that they won't be bothered. For us, it was the corner nook between my daughters bunk bed and her well.

2. Make this place special.  How can you make it feel personal and special for them? Add decorations. Wall vinyls work perfectly. Use some of their favorite colors or favorite things. This will instantly help them to feel more comfortable because they are feeling happy seeing their favorite things.

3. Make it feel comfortable. Add blankets and pillows so when they are feeling sad they can feel as comfortable and possible. Feeling snuggly with soft pillows and blankets will help calm them down.

4.  Include a favorite stuffed animal or doll.  Sometimes they just need a hug. Sometimes they just need a snuggle. Unfortunately, they are wanting to be alone, so a person is not who they want to receive it from. A simple hug or snuggle with their favorite doll might just do the trick!

Books and Journals

5. My daughter loves to write. She is so creative in her stories. Writing helps her to escape into her story and often help her to forget what made her sad or mad in the first place. Leave a journal and fun pens out for writing.

6. Does your child have a favorite book? This is a great time to take 15 minutes to calm down by reading their favorite story. It doesn't matter if they have read it a  million times, if they love the story they won't mind. Keep their favorite book in their calming nook. 

Calming Jar

7. Give them a Calming Jar. Calming Jars are fun because they can angrily shake the jar as hard as they want then slowly watch as the glitter settles. This has a calming effect that helps the emotions also settle. I personalized my jar with a little message for my daughter so she remembers that I love her!

how to make a calming jar


1. Find an old water bottle or shaped jar. Plastic naturally works best because it is lighter and unbreakable! 🙂

2. Fill jar with HOT water.

3. Add desired about of glitter to the hot water. I recommend using your child's favorite color.


4. Add a small amount of glue to the water.

5. Shake, shake, shake like CRAZY! This step is important to break up the glue.

6. Use super glue to seal the lid onto the bottle so your kid can't open it and dump it out. 🙂  I have a two year old that would find lots of joy in dumping it out! 🙂

7. I used my Cricut Machine, to personalize the jar. A simple Love You, reminds my daughter that even if she is mad or sad, she is loved!!


What techniques do you use to help calm your children down? Did you know how to make a calming jar?

Sharing is caring!