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Some Bunny Special Easter Gift in a Jar

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Easy Easter Jar Gift Idea with Cricut Machine

To: Some Bunny Special Easter Gift in a Jar

My kids love giving gifts to their teachers for all the different holidays. I don't mind them doing this, but sometimes I don't have time to come up with something that takes a lot of time. Sometimes fast and easy are just what I need. One thing I love about my Cricut Machine, is that often "fast" and "easy" also equals adorable! There are so many great easter gift jar ideas and we wanted to make one that my kids teachers would love.







Candy of Choice



1. Fill  Jar with Candy.

2. On your Cricut Machine, cut out Easter design of choice. I used a Bunny so it could fit with the "some bunny special"

3. Cut out a tag using card stock on your Cricut Machine

4. Apply vinyl to the top of your jar

5. Write on your tag with a sharpie

6. Wrap twine around your jar and tie in the tag using the twine.


 Glittered Easter Candy Jar

An Easter gift in a jar with a glittery bunny decoration filled with candy, presented on a festive easter-themed tablecloth.

Another option is one with a fun glitter lid. You can put the vinyl bunny over the glitter and it looks extra festive and fun. I did find that the vinyl had a hard time sticking on the glitter so I used glue to apply it in place. I paired this one with a sparkly ribbon to match the sparkly lid.

An Easter gift in a jar with a pink glittery lid featuring a white bunny silhouette.

How to make a sparkle lid

This is super easy to do! All you need is a mason jar lid, glue and glitter. I used a paint brush and evenly covered my lid with glue then sprinkled over my glitter color of choice. I think this would be really cute to do different color of glitter lids on different jars.

Happy Easter!

Two jars filled with colorful candies and decorated with bunny silhouettes and ribbons, presented on a festive Easter-themed tablecloth as an Easter gift in a jar.

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