6 Scientifically Proven Ways to Raise the Happiest Kids There are many articles out today that tell us how to raise our kids.  But to raise well-adjusted and happy kids is a whole different ball game.  Science has proven that there are a few tips that can help us toRead More →

These Hilarious April Fools Pranks for Kids are fun, harmless and will give a good laugh on April Fools Day!   Hilarious April Fools Pranks for Kids April Fools day with little kids can really be very entertaining.  I spend the entire day being told that there is a spiderRead More →

Let your Valentine know how you feel with our I Like you a Bot Robot Valentine Printable. I Like you a Bot Robot Valentine Printable This is the Valentine’s Day to tell your little Valentine how you feel!  This adorable Robot Valentine is a cute way  to tell them thatRead More →

Soar to new heights with our American Girl Luciana Prize Pack Giveaway! I have a daughter who dreams bigger and works harder than any kid that I know.  When I look at her going into the world I am really excited because I recognize that there is no goal that sheRead More →

I’m working with @Scholastic to giveaway a #ScholasticSummerExpress prize! I can’t believe that we have finally approached the end of the school year.  Each year I am surprised by house faster summer comes on us.  We love summers as a family because it means that we get to go onRead More →

This post  is sponsored by Mirum.  All opinions are my own. Around Christmastime, we are always looking for gifts and toys that the kids would love to receive from Santa. There are so many fun gifts that kids can receive, but I find that they favorite gifts always seems toRead More →

This post is sponsored by Ecoscraps.  All opinions are my own. I have always loved gardening.  I remember as a little girl watching my parents plant and pick vegetables from the garden and it always seemed like so much fun.  My parents were always so excited to see what theyRead More →

One of the decisions that my husband and I made early on in our marriage was that my husband would not let having kids affect our traveling.  I have had a travel bug since I was young and love seeing the world and going on adventures.  Traveling with preschoolers canRead More →

Make the most of your family time by spending some time reading together! Parents magazine is out with its list of the “10 Best Children’s Books” of the year, just in time for the holidays and colder months spent indoors. Perfect for kids of all ages, this year’s list includesRead More →

This post is sponsored by the School Nutrition Association. All opinions are my own. I have had kids in school for 7 years now. In those 7 years, I am embarrassed to say that every month when they brought home the school lunch menu I threw it away without evenRead More →

This post is sponsored by Little Tikes.  All opinions are my own. My kids have always wanted a Little Tikes playhouse.  We went to a friends house when they were younger who had one and they would spend hours playing house, store and school.  When the Little Tikes Cape CottageRead More →

This summer your kids will love to learn How to Make your Own Bubble Blower. This craft is so fun for summer because it keeps your kids happy and entertained and it is super easy to make with items that you can normally find in your house. My kids have hadRead More →

This post is sponsored by Get Messy, Get Clean Free Kids Festival.  All opinions are my own. I had the opportunity to attend the Get Messy, Get Clean Free Kids Festival this weekend at Thanksgiving Point.  This festival was a lot of fun and was packed full of activities thatRead More →

This post is sponsored by Oriental Trading.  All opinions are my own. My husband and I have been in the process of planting trees and finishing landscaping our yard.  We love being able to see the projects we plan being accomplished.  I recognized early in on the planting process thatRead More →

This post is sponsored by Universal Pictures.  All opinions are my own. The countdown of the year is almost up.  Three more days.  Are your kids counting down the day until the Minions have their own movie! My kids have been so excited to see this movie in theaters thatRead More →

Dreams of carefree summer fun are finally becoming a reality for many children this month. While kids rush off to trade in their backpacks for swimsuits, parents scramble to find ways to keep them entertained all season long. This doesn’t come cheap, as it turns out: a report from AmericanRead More →