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Personalize your own Hot Wheels Custom Car

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NOTE:  This Hot Wheels Custom Car option seems to be no longer available.
Here are some fun birthday suggestions:

hot wheels custom cars
Check out this AWESOME Personalized Hot Wheels car! With Hot Wheels Custom Car you get to choose your image, write a cool message, and select your packaging! 
Whether it’s a memorable birthday gift or party favor, backpack surprise, or a unique gift for the auto buff that has everything, Hot Wheels® Customs put the person in “personalized” so they will always feel special!

In just 6 Easy Steps you can customize your own Hot Wheels Custom Car!

Personalized Hot Wheels Car
Step 1-  Choose your Hot Wheels Custom Car -  You have four choices of vehicle that you can choose to customize; dairy deliver, passion, Surfin school bus and Hiway Hauler. We chose the Surfin School bus!
Personalized Hot Wheels School Bus
Step 2-  Upload your Picture-  I decided to make this for my son Benjamin because he is really into Hot Wheels right now. It was so easy to upload a file. All I did was chose one from my computer and it quickly loaded.
Step 3-  Place your Picture After uploading your picture they had tools to quickly and easily position your picture into place. I chose a recent picture of my son because I knew he would love to see himself on the bus.
Personalized Hot Wheels Birthday Gift

Step 4-  Add a cool message. Since my sons birthday was coming up, I though it would only be appropriate and so much fun to add a birthday message! You are limited to a total of 36 characters but I found this to be more than enough.

Customized Hot Wheels

Step 5- Choose your packaging- You can choose between Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays and made just for you. Since this was for a birthday we chose Happy Birthday. Look how fun this is all customized!

Hot Wheels Customs

 Step 6- Check Out and wait until you receive the awesome Personalized Hot Wheels car! This is so easy to make and so much fun! Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

Hot Wheels Customs Happy Birthday Bus

We have so many hot wheels in our house and they are each so individual and so much fun. This one is now my new favorite, though. The whole process was a lot of fun and my son loves having a car with his face and name on it. It is so easy to customize that with your help,  your child could customize their own car. A Hot Wheels Custom Car  would make a fun birthday gift or an awesome stocking stuffer!

To customize your own car visit! *Note: this service seems to be no longer available.

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