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6 Ways to make your own Kids Garden

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A colorful collage showcasing 6 ways for children to create their own garden spaces.

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My husband and I have been in the process of planting trees and finishing landscaping our yard. We love being able to see the projects we plan being accomplished. I recognized early in on the planting process that my kids really wanted to be involved in making our yard a fun place to be. My husband and I talked and we decided that the perfect way to involve our children was to make a kids garden. They would be involved from start to finish and this could be a place that they could play, learn how to take care of plants and eat the fruits of their labors. Here are 6 Ways to make your own Kids Garden.

Tomato plants growing in pots along a residential fence with a close-up view of a tomato plant, illustrating one of the 6 ways to make your own kids garden.1. Plant easy to pick fruits and veggies- Get your kids involved in the kids garden and plant vegetables and fruits that they can easily pick and gather for you. Your kids will love watching the garden grow and picking the produce themselves. If you don't have a place to plant them into the ground, buy large pots and fill them with soil. Easy fruits and veggies include strawberries, green beans, raspberries, and tomatoes.

A child painting rocks to look like a ladybug, showcasing 6 ways to make your own Kids Garden with image displaying painting supplies and the finished painted rock.2. Paint Rocks. This is such a fun craft that your kids will love doing. I gave them complete creative control and it was fun to see the patterns and designs that they came up with. This project is so inexpensive but really adds a fun pop of color to the kids garden. We found the rocks laying around our yard and we they painted them with different colors of paint. The pallets are perfect for kids painting projects. My youngest is three and she loved being able to paint however and whatever she wanted. She was so proud of her hard work when we put it in the Kids garden.

Children engage in a painting activity, creating colorful designs on ceramic pots for their own Kids Garden.3. Paint Flower Pots. DIY Flowerpots are so much fun. We got a pack of 12 pots so each kid was able to paint three. It was fun to see how each pot turned out completely different and represented the personality of each child. I love bright colors and think that colors make a great addition to a garden. The kids loved being able to have creative control and paint their masterpiece. It is so fun to see how excited a kid gets when the complete a project and they all loved how their pots turned out.

6 Ways to make your own Kids Garden, featuring a child engaging in gardening activities, transplanting small plants into pots outdoors.4. Plant Flowers. Planting flowers is not hard to do and this is something your kids will be so excited to be involved in. You can go to your local flower shop and buy flowers and soil and your kids can add them to their own painted pots. Just add some soil to the bottom, add your plant then top with more soil. Your kids will love this step! Being able to see their pot from plain to painted to planted really is a lot of fun. Your kids will be more motivated and excited to come out and water their plants because they did the whole process themselves.

Three children smiling and holding crafts with clown designs, and two potted flowers with similar clown decorations showcase 6 ways to make your own Kids Garden.5. Make Gnomes. These Gnome Characters are super fun. They are perfect for displaying in your pots but are also fun because your kids can use them in imaginative play. In order to make them perfect for displaying, the kids painted bright colored popsicle sticks and when they dried we stuck a gnome on the top of each one. They are easy to come on and off so the kids can play with them as they please.

A whimsical miniature garden scene with a tiny house made from a flower, surrounded by small chairs, stepping stones, and a decorative fence offers 6 ways to make your own Kids Garden.6. Make a home to play with your Gnomes. When you have these adorable gnomes, you definitely need a home to play with them in! This gnome garden is perfect for your kids gnomes to take a rest under the gazebo, lay out in the sun or walk on the bridge. You will love seeing your kids light up as they play and their imagination goes wild. My 3 year old daughter especially loves this spot and could spend hours playing with her gnomes.

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