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DIY canvas painting using vinyl

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I love to paint. There is something incredible relaxing about canvas, paint and a paint brush. It is something that has always interested me, something I have always enjoyed doing, but something that I am not very good at. 🙂 That doesn't stop me, though and I keep creating. My kids also have this same love and enjoy joining me on fun art projects. This project is fairly easy to do and your kids will love. I recommend a parent or older child apply the vinyl, but when it comes to the painting, a child of any age could do it. My 2 year old daughter even helps when it comes to painting!

DIY Canvas Painting

Supplies Needed

Cricut Machine
Vinyl of any color
Transfer Paper

1. Chose desired Cricut Design and cut on Vinyl. Vinyl color does not matter because you will be removing it from canvas. I used 7 flower images from the Cricut Best Images of 2007 Cartridge and Welded them into one image. Cut and transfer to transfer paper.Paint-Cricut-Vinyl2. Paint on canvas the color that you want to be displayed after you remove the canvas. Chose a lighter color than the rest of your canvas is going to be. I didn't paint the whole canvas, just where the vinyl was going to be. Allow to dry.Paint-Canvas-Vinyl-Cricut3. Apply Vinyl in desired spot on Canvas. NOTE:  You need to make sure and push down all of the bubbles or your paint will get under it. We learned this from experience. 🙂Cricut-Vinyl   4. Paint over the vinyl and entire canvas in pattern of your choosing. We decided to do blue and green for the sky and the grass.Paint-Color-Vinyl  5. We painted the top blue and the bottom green and then we used white to blend the colors together. Allow your paint to completely dry.PaintFinal_cricut 6. Once dry, you can remove your vinyl to see your final artistic creation! Final-Cricut-Canvas-Art I think the thing that I like best about this project is that the sky is the limit. You can use any color combination, any vinyl shape and create a unique piece perfect for you or your kids style. Have fun with this one, your kids will love it!


Sharing is caring!