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6 Simple tweaks that will Spike your Facebook business page engagement

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We have all been there...

You create a Facebook business page and expect to get the best out of it. But when the reality hits you, it hits so hard that you feel like giving up. I have seen many companies stop posting on social media due to lack of Facebook business page engagement. It turns out like a barren wasteland.

It happens.

It’s real.

If you are going through this, I understand your pain. Maybe there is something that you haven’t done right. Your Facebook business page can turn out to be the best place to increase leads to your business.

Currently, Facebook has over 2 billion active users every month. That means that you need to be smart in creating posts that increase engagement.

I have a few things I did to boost engagement in my business page. Keep reading and find out what I did. Here are 6 Simple tweaks that will Spike your Facebook business page engagement: 

  • Post quality content

I know you might feel like keeping your page active by posting frequently. I have seen several social media managers post up to 10 times a day. That’s fine. But the critical point is, are you posting quality content. Does every post count to your audience?

It’s not wrong to post funny memes here and there to make your followers lively, but keep in mind that your followers are there to gain from your page. Looking for great content might consume a lot of time, but consider doing it even if you have to post once per day.

  • Be a perfect timer

If you want engagement in your posts, consider posting when your fans are online. Most people go online when they have time. That is the ideal time to post your quality content, and you will be thrilled by their response to your posts.

You should, therefore, identify where your audience is based and find the best time to post when they are online. You can also determine when your Facebook fans are online by checking on your Facebook Page insights below the post tab. It will show you when your followers are online every day of the week.

  • Pin important posts

Sometimes you may post something and feel that it should stay longer on top of your page so that anyone who visits your page can see it. Facebook allows this by letting you pin such posts.

Otherwise, if you don’t pin it when you post other contents, it will be pushed down and will not be seen by your followers unless they browse down your page for older posts. Pinned posts get most engagement since new followers tend to look at them and comment.

To pin a post, you can go at the top-right corner of your post and click on the drop-down arrow. You can then select “Pin to Top.” You can only have one pinned post on your page at a time.

  • Promote your page

I know you must have seen people’s Facebook pages appear on your news feed even when you were not following them. In most cases, they look like sponsored posts. That happens because they promoted their pages to reach a greater audience.

While promoting your page may cost you an extra chum, it is worth it. By promoting your page, you are likely to get new followers from your target audience.

Always ensure that you encourage a meaningful post that is not only going to increase engagement but also gets shared. You might want to identify a problem that your target audience faces and offer a free solution.

  • Ask questions

Have you ever come across a random issue from a friends post and felt like answering it? Questions can be engaging as everyone who reads them feels prompted to respond. You might use items where your followers need to fill in the blanks. E.g.,” My worst health problem was......”

  • Reply to comments

How to do you feel when you comment on someone’s post, and they don’t reply or like? You might feel ignored. But when they respond, you may feel appreciated. The same thing applies to your Facebook business page. If you do this, you will realize that there are those followers who tend to be more active in engaging in your updates.

I think having a Facebook page can be an exciting thing for your business. Having an excellent Facebook business page engagement depends on what efforts you put. Trust me when I tell you this. It may seem hard at the start, but it works. Try the above tactics and watch the results.

Do you have an active Facebook Business page? What do you do to increase engagement?

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