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7 Books every prospective blogger must read before launching a blog

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Text, calendar7 Books every prospective blogger must read before launching a blog

Launching a blog can be a very exciting thing. If you are just thinking about it or maybe you have started, you definitely have great expectations. The problem comes when you realize that you don’t know many things about how to navigate around it. You might need to get some books every prospective blogger must read before starting the whole thing.

While you may not find institutions that teach about blogging, there are plenty of books that can increase your blogging knowledge and improve your experience. Below are some suggestions of EBooks that changed my blogging experience. I chose them because most bloggers have given them high ratings and most of them are doing well in their blogging journey.

           Author Steve Scot

Can you imagine starting a successful blog in just an hour? Well, this is not an exaggeration. It is possible only if you know what you are doing. In this book, Steve Scott, a professional blogger gives a guide from the beginner's point of view. From this book you will learn the following:

  • How to register your domain name
  • How to buy a web hosting
  • How to install WordPress in your blog, plugins and themes among other things.

This book is very informative to anyone starting out.

Author Sarah McHarry

I know the pain of being a new blogger. Some WordPress terms can sound complicated. You might not even know how to post content, install themes, custom layout and installing plugins.

It is such a daunting experience. But who said that you couldn’t blog if you don’t know that? Sarah Mc Harry has made everything easy for you by teaching everything about WordPress in this Ebook. If you are totally new to blogging, consider getting a copy of this book.

Author:  Andrew Macarthy

As a blogger, you cannot just create posts and let them stay there. Blog posts are meant to help your audience. But how will people know about your blog if you don’t share it with your audience?

Social Media is one of the places where you can promote your blog. You therefore need tips on how to use different platforms to promote your blog. In his book ,      “ 500 Social Media Marketing Tips” Andrew Macarthy unveils how you can have an impact on your audience using Social media. This is a simple book that you can use as a guide or a reference.

Author: Jon Duckett

There is one thing that I know most prospective bloggers fear about blogging. Blogging needs some knowledge of programming languages like HTML and CSS. You might feel overwhelmed when starting out your blog and have zero web designing skills. With HTML and CSS, you can be able to modify your WordPress blog and get the best out of it.

In this book, Jon Duckett uses simple language to help bloggers understand HTML and CSS. This book is not only simple but also detailed.

Author: Chris Brogan

Did you know that Google+ is essential in helping bloggers connect with their readers and influencers? You can build a thriving community out of Google+ and increase traffic in your blog.

You might be inspired to get tips from an expert in the blogging world like Chris Brogan. Chris is not only a blogger but also a bestselling author. His book “Google+ For Business” will help you pay attention to Google+ if you wish to use Google+ to promote your blogging business.

Author: Steve Scott

Have you ever visited a blog, started reading it and left it half way? Maybe you might have once seen a link to a blog post, but the title didn’t attract you to click it.

Creating engaging blog posts can be daunting. You don’t have to worry about that if you intend to read this book by Steve Scott. He gives the best writing tips for beginners in blogging.

He teaches how to create review posts, list posts, Q and A’s, list posts and offers tips on how to come up with content. It is something you might want to read to improve your writing skills.

Author: Bryan Allain

Whenever you do something for a long time, you might tend to lack motivation. You might either suffer from burn out or information overload. If you have ever experienced poor or no motivation, you are not alone.

Like any other people, bloggers suffer from this too. However, it is possible to overcome this challenge. Bryan Allan has written this book to help you get out of that lazy corner and get back your motivation.

Get this book and read his insights on how you can get your blogging voice and inspire your audience. It offers you tips for 31 days until you kill that writer’s block.

I know you are now wondering which book to choose. Depending on your need and skills, you might want to start reading one at a time as you purpose to read the rest. Remember that you need to implement all the tips you get from the above books before launching a blog if you want to see results. Get your copy of the books every prospective blogger must read and enjoy new knowledge in blogging!

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