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Are you struggling to increase your Pinterest content views but everything doesn’t seem to work? It looks like everyone uses Pinterest as a social media platform. You might wonder how successful bloggers get traffic out of it. Here are some few things that you may not have done to get the best out of Pinterest. In this post, I will show you how you can use hashtags and image titles to increase your Pinterest content views. Keep reading to find out how.

Using hashtags to increase Pinterest content views

Have you ever seen your friends post on social media using hashtags? Hashtags are used mostly on Instagram and Twitter, and Pinterest hasn’t been a place for hashtags for the longest time. Currently, Pinterest changed, and it is promoting hashtags.

If you want to increase your Pinterest content views on using hashtags, consider implementing the tips below.

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  • Use useful hashtags

When using hashtags, you need to use valuable hashtags that most people are likely to search. Therefore the volume of hashtags that you use doesn’t matter. Don’t stress yourself by using 100 hashtags in a post as it might be mistaken as spam. Hashtags are used on Pinterest to look for new pins. This implies that only up to date pins can be seen on results feed.

  • Be descriptive when using hashtags

When using hashtags in order to increase your Pinterest content views properly describe them and be specific. Use words that describe your content in the pin. They should also be relevant to the pin. For example, if your content is on “10 New ways of losing weight without taking slimming products, your hashtags can be #weightlossgoals or #weightloss.

  • Use timely hashtags

Did you know that when people are searching things online, they tend to look at the latest trends? It can be something like #backtoschool ,#blackpanther, #theoscars , #weightlossgoals e.t.c .

  • Avoid being too general in your hashtags

As mentioned earlier, you need to always use the latest trends in your niche to create phrases for your hashtags. Avoid vague terms such as #blogging #freelancing #pinterest etc.

  • Always place hashtags at the end of descriptions

You know that hashtags are still clickable. That means that if you put them at the beginning of your descriptions, the pinner may not save your pin. You can always place hashtags at the end of your descriptions.

Using image titles

If you check pins by other bloggers, you will notice that some of them have titles and descriptions that have been attached to the images. If titles have been connected to the pins, they are called Rich Pins. Optimizing your image titles on Pinterest topics you want your content to rank on.

Below are the steps you can follow when using image titles on Pinterest.

1. Save your image file for web

When saving your image, ensure that your browser does not resize them. You might need to use softwares like Adobe Photoshop to prepare them. You can then use Tiny PNG to optimize your image into file size. You can consider using other tools too so long as they can resize your pictures for file size.

No one wants to visit a page with specific keywords that he is looking for only to find that the content is irrelevant. You need to use keywords as file names, and they should be relevant to match your audience. If you don’t know how to choose the keywords, use Google Trends to find search items.

  • Give your image files another name.

Since your image files might be in a form like DGS-122.JPG, you can always give that file another name using keywords that describe the image.

  • Upload your images

Most CMS have a widget for uploading images. You need to offer values for the title tags and alt attribute of every image that you upload.

  • Image description

Do not forget to add an image description or tag. What is your image about? Don’t forget to add hashtags and add your URL or your clients URL.

As you can see, it is possible to increase your content views using Pinterest. Now you can understand when some people say that they got massive increase in their Pinterest content views. Using image titles and hashtags work like magic.

Sharing is caring!