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Transforming your blogging hobby into a business: 6 Things to avoid

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Transforming your blogging hobby into a business: 6 Things to avoid

I know you love blogging. That might also be the reason why you are reading this blog. Maybe you have blogged for quite some time and you feel that it is the right time to transform your blogging hobby into a business. You are in the right direction. Most successful bloggers started it as a hobby and it grew into a thriving business.

But wait...

While blogging can be a profitable business, you might not get the ROI you expected because you did it in the wrong way. Below are six mistakes to avoid when changing your blogging hobby into a business.


  • Failing to blog on a specific niche


Maybe you were posting different stuff on your blog when you did it as a hobby. They may have been different events that happened in your life or anything that you wished to write about. When it comes to blogging for your business, things tend to be different.

You need to specialize in a specific area. It can be health, fashion or travel. Most beginners in blogging tend to mix different topics on their blog and this is something that confuses anyone who visits their blog. Specializing in a specific niche helps you to develop an audience who will turn into potential buyers.


  • Thinking that your audience cares about you


I know that when you were blogging as a hobby, you would often talk about yourself and what you experienced. But you should know it’s now a business. People are not interested in you. They are looking for ways to solve their problems. When writing blog posts, ensure that you show an interest in your reader and stop talking about yourself. Create blog posts with your audience in mind.


  • Failing to have an email list


There is magic in having an email list. It is even more powerful than having followers on Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You are the one in control of your audience and no one can dictate you by giving you rules to follow. But most people who blog as a hobby and change to business forget this.

Whenever you create an informative post, you need to have a call to action at the end of the post. Ask the reader to subscribe to your mailing list for more tips and new updates. As a business, having a mail list is important as it will help you develop an audience that you can sell products to them immediately you release them. You can use tools such as Aweber, Maddmimi or Mail Chimp to manage your audience.


  • Failing to diversify your income


You are blogging for business and need to have multiple streams of income. Did you know that with your single blog you can have different ways of generating income? If you decided to blog so that you can sell courses or other products, you need to try other ways of bringing income such as affiliate marketing, selling services such as freelance writing, Social media management, selling photos, advertising, and many more.


  • Undervaluing what you offer


When you start your blog, just like any other business, you might not be aware of what to charge for certain services. Pricing can be a very challenging issue. And because you are afraid to lose that potential client who has just come your way, you might end up undercharging.

Some offers can come abruptly e.g. getting an advertiser who wants to advertise in your blog, hosting sponsored posts and even burners. To be on the safe side, always consult other established bloggers in your niche and ask them about their pricing.


  • Not knowing when to say no


We all know that no has never been a pleasant answer. It sounds so disappointing and someone might mistake it to rudeness at times. But trust me. Sometimes you might have to say no. As a first-time blogger, you might be tempted to accept everything. However, you need to remember that not everything is right.

Someone might ask you to place a link of your blog to their spammy pornography site or gambling site. In the long run, that might affect your blog. While some offers may sound good, learn to say no if they are going to negatively affect your business.

It might sound disappointing to note that blogging for money may not be as simple as you thought. But remember that you cannot create your Rome in one day. Other bloggers made the above mistakes and yet they made it. Why not you? Try to avoid them while changing your blogging hobby to a business and experience the growth of your business.

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