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Tips for a Clutter Free Life

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Four smiling people of different ages peeking around a sign that reads "Tips for a Clutter-Free Life.

I find Clutter to be very frustrating. It makes me feel stressed and frustrated. Sometimes though, it can be really hard to tackle. I find that it really helps to break it all down into more manageable steps so you can actually accomplish it. Here are Ganizers 7 Tips for a Clutter Free Life.

  1. Do your spring-cleaning year round. Twice a year go through your closets and clean out your clothes and especially your children’s clothes. You will love that extra storage space. If you haven’t worn it in a year then let it go.
  1. Clean out your kid’s unused toys. Twice a year go through the toys and find what your children have out grown. Before each Birthday and holiday season pull out the toys no longer used in the previous six months to a year and donate them to charity.
  1. Clean out sporting equipment seasonally. Do you find yourself buying new sports equipment for your children several times a year? At the end of each sports season discard any items they will outgrow the next season. There are charities that collect gently used sporting equipment to children who can’t afford them.
  1. Check for food expiration dates. Is you limited pantry or cabinet space? When was the last time you checked for expiration dates on your canned goods? Nothing feels better than uncluttered cabinets. Twice a year go through your pantry and clean out what has expired. You will be surprised how much space you will have when finished.
  1. Separate seasonal clothes. We all love the seasons, but nothing says clutter than winter sweaters and heavy jackets next to your bathing suits. Take those seasonal items and put them away until it is time to use them. Ganizer allows you to effortlessly change one season out for another.
  1. Give each holiday’s decorations it’s own space for storage. We all love to decorate for the holidays, but do you have a closet or attic packed with Christmas lights and decorative pumpkins mixed together? Make it easy on yourself and separate each holiday in storage.
  1. Clean your garage. Do you find yourself parking on the street because your garage is filled with clutter or bumping into bikes and junk every time you get in and out of your car? Clean your garage twice a year by taking everything out and discard any trash or unused items.
  1. Use luggage that is versatile. Have you found that there is not enough drawer or counter space in a hotel room? Packing is different for everyone, but we all know that space is important for your items. Convenience is key whether it’s in a hotel or camping. Use luggage that is versatile and can be used for storage while on your vacation.
  1. Use reusable bags. Not only are they eco-friendly; they diminish the clutter of plastic and paper bags in your home. Keep them tucked in your car so they are always handy.

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Sharing is caring!