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Follow along May 9-12th as I head to Los Angeles for the Han Solo Event



I'm sure you are like my family where the count down is officially on for the release of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY in theaters. When new trailer or behind the scene peeks are released we sit down as a family and watch them together. Star Wars has been a part of my life since I was little and I love that my kids are old enough to nerd out about it with me. Make sure and follow along May 9-12th and we going being the scenes with SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, the In-Home releases of A WRINKLE IN TIME and the Walt Disney Signature Collection of PETER PAN and the hit ABC daytime drama GENERAL HOSPITAL! We love watching movies as a family but having the opportunity to look behind the scenes of making a movie helps me to love the movie I watch even more. Hearing the passion and heart the cast puts into every scene and hearing about the hours of hard work by so many people makes me appreciate the details of each scene. I am so excited to learn more about so many great movies and about General Hospital which is a long standing favorite of many people for many years. Here is what you can expect from following along:

Follow along May 9-12th as I head to Los Angeles for the Han Solo Event



Solo: A Star Wars Story

While in Los Angeles we will have the opportunity to walk the red carpet at the SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (opening in theatres on 5/25) premiere and attend the press junket where I will interview TBD talent from the film! We have not received our complete itinerary yet so I will update this information as I receive it. This is the first time doing a red carpet for Star Wars, so I am very excited. I ordered 8 dresses in searching or the perfect dress and am very excited to share with you the final choice. Make sure and follow on Instagram Stories to see a Star Wars red carpet. Visit the official SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY site  to learn all things Solo.

Walt Disney Signature Collection of PETER PAN

Peter Pan
We will also have the opportunity to celebrate the 65th anniversary of PETER PAN (available on Digital 5/29 and Blu-ray 6/5) and the in-home release of the Walt Disney Signature Collection Edition of the film by exploring the place it was made! I will get to take a tour of Walt Disney’s office and then follow my pirate map as I embark on a scavenger hunt on the Disney Lot. Treasure awaits the winners! It sounds like there are a lot of competitive bloggers so this is sure to be a lot of fun. The part that I am most excited about, though is the opportunity to visit the Animation Research Library where I will see original drawings from the film! I had the opportunity to visit during the Pirate Fairy Event and it really is neat being able to see the original artwork.

In-Home releases of A WRINKLE IN TIME

Mindy Kaling et al. posing for the camera

As part of this event I will have the chance to watch special behind the scenes bonus features from the A WRINKLE IN TIME(available on Digital 5/29 and Blu-ray 6/5)  followed by a Question and answer session with with Deric McCabe (“Charles Wallace Murry”)! If you have not seen the movie yet, I highly recommend it. Deric McCabe plays the younger brother in the movie and does and incredible job. This movie is family friendly and teaches a great lesson that I think is important for kids to understand about their value. For more information visit the official WRINKLE IN TIME website.


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In telling people about the Han Solo Event, I was surprised to see that people are equally as excited about learning about the ABC daytime drama GENERAL HOSPITAL as they are about the SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY movie. This makes sense though, when you release that they are in their 55th anniversary year! I have so many favorite ABC tv shows that are I am so invested in the characters and the fact that this show has run so long really is impressive. We will have the opportunity to take a peek behind the scenes highlighting the upcoming Nurses Ball episodes, set to air the week of May 16-21. The Nurses Ball charity gala and talent show began on “General Hospital” in 1994 to help raise awareness for HIV and AIDS. Cool fact:  "General Hospital" boasts quite the star-studded cast list from throughout its 55 years, including "Star Wars" legend Mark Hamill who appeared on the show in the '70s.

This is not an event that you are going to want to miss. Don't forget to follow along #HanSoloEvent, #PeterPanBluray, #WrinkleInTimeEvent, #ABCTVEvent and #GeneralHospital. I will keep you updated on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram what days we will be talking about the different shows. Thank you Disney, Lucas film & ABC for proving me with this amazing opportunity.