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Keto Beginner? Get the A Total Beginner's Guide to The Ketogenic Diet

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Is it possible to remain energized even after eating fewer carbs and more fats? When you decide to use keto diet, you might be worried about how you can stay energized since keto diet involves eating fewer carbs.

If you follow Keto diet, you might wish to adopt a long-term habit of eating such a diet. Eating keto diet helps you to feel satisfied and avoid overeating. It is possible to stay energized even if you are on a ketogenic lifestyle.

What is a Ketogenic lifestyle?

A ketogenic lifestyle is the one which someone avoids foods with high carbs and consumes foods with high fat and protein. Even though some people use this as a weight loss method, it can become a lifestyle when one decides to maintain it. It is possible to take such foods and still maintain high energy levels which improve performance.

The best way to stay energized while living a Ketogenic lifestyle is having an eating plan where your body uses ketones to provide your brain and body with energy instead of utilizing glucose.

Fat is a reliable source of energy and is helpful in maintaining the right level of blood sugar in your body. Below are ways to stay energized in your ketogenic lifestyle.

  • Eat more fat

Eating more fat should involve eating food rich in good fats as a food group and not as a top-up item. Such healthy fats include egg yolks, avocado, olives etc. Ketosis fat should be about 70-85% of your calories.

  • Take moderate protein levels

An average person needs about 50-100 grams of protein. The problem with eating excessive protein is that it can turn into sugar and spike your blood glucose which promotes fat storage. Keep your fat intake high for your body to utilize ketones and fats for energy. Keep the golden formula of moderate protein, low carb and high fat in your mind.

  • Reduce the carbs

If you want to get into ketosis, you should take approximately 30-50 net carbs. If you have severe insulin resistance, you need 20 total carbs. You can stick to broccoli, salad, zucchini, berries, and cauliflower as your carbs. Remember to use them with coconut milk or butter.

  • Take enough good salts

Even though it is essential to take less sodium, many people struggle with potassium/sodium ratio. It is because when people make a diet with high carbohydrates, they tend to have high insulin levels. High levels of insulin can increase the rate of sodium/potassium (3:4) in the kidneys.

When you are on a keto diet, you tend to have lower levels of insulin which causes your kidneys to excrete more sodium or potassium. This will lead to a significant need for salt in your diet. If you are on a low carb diet, try to add 3-5 grams of sodium through using pink salt or from natural foods.

  • Stay hydrated

Despite living a keto lifestyle and observing all the rules, most people often forget to drink enough water due to their busy schedules. You need to take about 8 glasses of water per day. According to the Medical Daily, water is essential in your body as it helps to digest food. It also provides your body with a medium to get rid of toxins. Eliminating toxins from your body improves your overall health.

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Going keto is a beautiful thing as it helps you reduce unnecessary fats from your diet. However, living a ketogenic lifestyle is much better as it helps you to live a healthy life without worries of gaining excessive fats. As much as you need all nutrients in your body, it is essential to watch out the levels of carbs and proteins that you take. It is possible to be energized during a keto lifestyle by following the above tips.

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Keto Beginner? Get the A Total Beginner's Guide to The Ketogenic Diet

ebook cover

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