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All Your Most Embarrassing Keto Questions Answered

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If you’re starting your journey into the keto lifestyle, congratulations! You can’t believe how much weight you’re going to lose and how much better you’re going to feel. It’s honestly life-changing. But, there are some things newbies should know as they move along the keto path. That’s why today I’m going to answer your Most Embarrassing Keto Questions . Read to the end and you’ll be an old pro in no time.


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All Your Most Embarrassing Keto Questions Answered

Does keto cause bad breath?

Yes. In the beginning this does happen. When you cut carbs your body begins using fat for energy. That’s the amazing thing about keto and it’s exactly what we want to have happen.

That said, this process generates molecules called ketones. Ketones are a word you’ll hear a lot. All you really need to understand for now is that they are used by most cells in the body for energy.

When you cut carbs and your body starts using fat for energy, more ketones are generated. Acetone is a type of ketone, and that’s the one responsible for a sort of “rotten apple” smell in your breath.

It won’t last forever, but until it goes away, drink more water. It will help.

My urine smells weird. Is that because of keto?

Again, yes. Keto can cause a bad or “weird” urine smell. It happens for the exact reasons we talked about above - the acetone.

The same advice apples: drink water and wait it out.

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Will keto affect my sex life?

In the beginning the answer is, possibly. Because ketosis is such a new state for your body, you may initially feel physically depleted and incredibly tired. That’s normal for some people, but not all.

When you’re so tired it’s natural that your libido is diminished. The good news? It’s short-lived. The even better news? When you lose all that weight and gain the energy keto creates, you should expect a sex life that’s better than ever.

Does keto cause constipation?

Like any other dietary change, it can. If you find it’s a problem for you make sure you’re drinking enough and that you’re eating something besides meat and cheese (as a lot of well-meaning newbies do.) Never forget to add low-carb vegetables to your diet, drink a lot, and if necessary you can add some Metamucil when you need it.

It does get better, but if not you need to check with your doctor.

Everyone talks about being in a state of ketosis. What does that actually mean?

Ketosis means that you’ve sufficiently restricted your carbs and added in the correct amounts of protein so that your liver is producing more ketone bodies to be used for energy.

Your body starts converting stored fats into those ketones rather than using the glucose from carbs.

Don’t confuse ketosis with diabetic ketoacidosis. The latter is a dangerous complication of diabetes and if you’re healthy, you don’t need to worry about that.

My friends tell me the keto diet is the same as Atkins. What is the difference?

That’s a really good question, and they are certainly similar.

Keto is all about trying to keep your carbs on average at 20 - 40 grams or less for the day, and consuming moderate amounts of protein and high fat. On a keto diet, you don’t eat unlimited amounts of meat in a day, as some Atkins’ proponents may advocate.

Keto is very straightforward and easy to master.

There are no phases in Keto, so in other words you don’t eat this way for a short period and then gradually add restricted foods back in as the Atkins plan does.

I’ve been on the keto diet for 2 weeks and I haven’t lost any weight. What’s wrong with me?

Nothing! Don’t beat yourself up!

You are working toward a healthier you and should be super proud of yourself. Several very fixable things could be at the root of your stubborn scale.

For one thing, some people mistakenly believe you can eat as many calories as you want so long as they don’t contain carbs or sugar.

Not true. You still need to watch the calories.

Another way we sabotage ourselves is by not realizing that carbs and sugar are hiding EVERYWHERE. Did you know that sugar-free packaged foods are often loaded, and I mean loaded, with carbs? It’s true.

Don’t even get me started on dried fruits and fruit smoothies.They are sugar bombs.

Also, if you eat nuts and dairy products with abandon, you’re not going to reach a state of ketosis. Moderation is the key. Make sure you’re logging everything that goes in your mouth with a weight loss app and you’ll see where the bad stuff is hiding.

Keep a very close eye on your macros and your calories.

Don’t know what your personal macros are? Macros, short for macronutrients, are made up of carbs, protein and fat. You can find a macros calculator here that will tell you exactly where you need to be each day.

So there you have it. Have I answered all your most embarrassing keto questions? If not, please ask them in the comments. You don’t have to feel weird about it because if you have the questions, I guarantee lots more people beginning keto have the same question.

Keto Beginner? Get the A Total Beginner's Guide to The Ketogenic Diet

ebook cover

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