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Elf on the Shelf Craft: Make your own Elf Plate

Check out this fun Elf on the Shelf Craft: Make your own Elf Plate.
Elf and plate craft
If your kids LOVE their Elf on the Shelf, then they will LOVE this super cute Make your own Elf Plate Craft. You have three fun options with this craft.

You can have everything pre-cut and ready and your Elf on the Shelf can leave the craft for your kids to make on their own, the Elf plate can already come made as a gift from their Elf on the Shelf, or this can just be a fun Elf on the Shelf Craft that you make with your kids.

Any way you choose, your kids will love this craft. This would also be an easy craft for preschoolers or for a kids holiday party.  


Elf on the Shelf Adoption Printable

Elf on the Shelf Craft: Make your own Elf Plate

Paper plates 
Tan, blue, brown, peach, and red craft paint 
Brown paper 
Cotton balls 
Paint brushes 
Printable Directions 
Elf on the Shelf craft
1. Lay out a piece of a scrap paper and paint a paper plate tan and let dry. 
2. Cut out the following from a couple white paper plates:

  • 2 elf ears
  • 1 large triangle and 1 longer skinnier triangle for hat
  • small circle for nose 
  • elf collar 
  • circle eyes with the rounded bottom cut off

3. Then cut a 8 x 2-3” rectangle from the brown paper and cut the bottom pointed like hair. 
4. Paint the cut out pieces the following colors:

  • ears: tan
  • hat: red
  • nose: tan
  • eyes: with the left side blue like pictured

5. Assemble the elf by glueing the pieces on the tan painted plate. 
6. Dab the tip of your finger in the peach paint and dab the cheeks of the elf. 
7. Draw a smile under the nose with a marker.
8. Glue cotton balls along the bottom rim of the hat and let dry.

Here are the printable directions if you want to print it up for your Elf to give the kids or for a classroom party:


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Pin Elf on the Shelf Plate for later:

Close up of elf on the shelf plate craft