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Simple elf on the shelf ideas for toddlers: Elf Slime

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Alright, diving into a world of Christmas traditions, let's embark on an exhilarating journey of exploring simple elf on the shelf ideas for toddlers. The air is growing crisper, the nights longer, and the twinkling lights are beginning to adorn every corner. It's that magical time of the year again, the season where our beloved scout elf returns to sprinkle a little mischief and joy in our homes. Let’s craft some delightful memories with some easy and fun elf ideas. Here's how you can maximize the joy this holiday season with your little ones.A little boy sitting at a table with a birthday cake

I don't know about you, but our holiday elf loves all things slimy, crazy and fun! He is always getting in to trouble like building a donut snowman, telling jokes or having snowball fights! If you don't have your welcome letter yet, don't forget to print up the Holiday Elf Welcome Letter! There are so many silly and fun ideas for each day that your Elf on the Shelf movies, that will make your kids smile. There are so many fun simple elf on the shelf ideas for toddlers.

One of my favorite parts of having a holiday elf is seeing the excitement on my kids faces as they look for the crazy adventure their elf went on while they were sleeping. Adventures like hiding candy canes or going fishing. This Elf on the Shelf Slime Recipe will entertain your kids will making them smile! You might also like our Glitter Slime for New Years.A little boy sitting at a table with a plate of food, with Elf and Slime

Elf on the Shelf Slime Recipe

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Makes 1 8 oz mason jar


1/2 TBSP baking soda
1 1/2 TBSP contact lens solution
1 6 fl oz clear Elmer’s Glue
1 TBSP Green Glitter
2 tsp Kelly Green food coloring
1 large glass bowl
1 rubber spatula
1 8oz mason jar with a lid


  1. Slime is a fun and simple idea that toddlers absolutely love. Kickstart the activity by assembling all your ingredients in one place. In a large bowl, combine the clear Elmer’s glue and baking soda, initiating the first step to creating a delightful gooey masterpiece.
  2. Next, add a splash of holiday season vibes by mixing in green glitter and Kelly green food coloring. This is where your slime starts to take on a festive hue, reminiscent of a beautiful Christmas tree adorned with twinkling Christmas lights.
  3. Use the rubber spatula to mix the contents gently until they merge to form a unified mixture. You will notice the texture getting firmer, indicating that your slime is almost ready.
  4. The best part of this activity is the look of sheer joy on your toddler's face when they scoop the slime into their hands for the first time. Transfer the slime into an 8oz mason jar to ensure it stays fresh for the next day of fun.
  5. This activity not only offers a fun way to engage your toddler but also allows for a little elf to bring a surprise element into your holiday festivities.

A green and white plate sitting on a table, with Elf and Holiday

Ten Simple Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Creating a mischievous elf scene every night might seem like a Herculean task, especially when you're running out of new ideas. Fret not, as we've compiled a list of simple elf on the shelf ideas for toddlers.

  1. Snowball Fight: Set up a tiny snowball fight scene using cotton balls as snowballs. You can add a little fortress made from a cereal box for that extra fun element.
  2. Elf Tea Party: Organize a mini tea party with the elf inviting stuffed animals as guests. A fun elf, enjoying a cup of hot cocoa with friends, can be a delightful sight for little kids.
  3. Dinosaur Adventure: Place the elf amidst toy dinosaurs reading a dinosaur book, to spark a new spot of adventure in the heart of your toddler.
  4. Gingerbread House Construction: Capture the elf constructing gingerbread houses using cardboard and candy canes. It’s a simple elf setup but sure to light up your child’s face.
  5. Adorable Elf Sleeping: Create a scene with the elf sleeping snugly inside a roll of toilet paper, giving the little ones a cute idea to giggle about the next morning.
  6. Snow Angel Making: Have the elf making snow angels using flour or sugar to sprinkle a bit of Christmas tradition in your kitchen.
  7. Creative Elf Drawing: Let the elf showcase its artistic side by drawing funny faces on family photos using a washable marker or washi tape for a bit of light-hearted mischief.
  8. Scavenger Hunt: Organize a scavenger hunt with the elf leaving clues that lead to a small gift or a Christmas movie for a family movie night.
  9. Christmas Eve Preparations: Capture the elf helping out with Christmas Eve preparations, be it wrapping gifts or hanging Christmas decorations.
  10. Elf in a Fruit Basket: As a last minute idea, find the elf hiding in the fruit basket, perhaps indulging in a little mischief with chocolate chips.

A little boy sitting at a table with a cake 

Frequently Asked Questions: simple elf on the shelf ideas for toddlers

How do I introduce the Elf on the Shelf to my toddler for the first time?

Introducing the elf on the shelf to your toddler for the first time is a magical moment. Start by reading the Elf on the Shelf book together, which beautifully narrates the tale of how the elf watches over the little ones and reports back to Santa at the North Pole. You could make it a grand event with Christmas cookies and hot cocoa to mark the arrival of the new elf in your home.

What are some quick elf set-ups for busy nights?

On busy nights, resort to quick ideas like placing the elf inside a coffee cup, arranging a small gathering with toy cars, or simply positioning it on a new shelf with a view of the twinkling Christmas tree. Quick elf setups save time yet keep the magic alive.

Can I involve my toddler in deciding where the elf should appear next?

Absolutely! Involving your toddler in deciding the new spot for the elf can be a great way to foster creativity and anticipation. You can discuss potential shelf names or even create a cute little elf accessory together for the next morning's surprise.

How can I make the elf's return next year more exciting?

To make the elf's return next year more thrilling, you could prepare an elf return breakfast with themed foods, or set up an elaborate scene where the elf arrives in a toy boat or a hot air balloon crafted from a paper lantern. Elevate the excitement by adding a little note from the elf discussing its adventures at the North Pole.

What if my toddler touches the elf?

In the event that your toddler touches the elf, you can craft a small narrative explaining that the elf might lose a bit of its magic, but not to worry, as a sprinkle of cinnamon or a heartfelt apology letter to Santa could restore its powers. It's a cute way to maintain the magic while teaching your child about the consequences of their actions.
A stuffed animal on a table

Key Takeaways: simple elf on the shelf ideas for toddlers

  • Embrace Simplicity
    • Focus on Fun, Not Complexity: Remember that the goal is to foster joy and anticipation in your little ones. A simple elf setup with a favorite elf tucked inside a cereal box or making paper snowflakes can be just as enchanting as a more elaborate scene.
    • Utilize Household Items: Often, the best elf setups involve utilizing items already present in your house. Be it a roll of toilet paper for the elf's makeshift bed or arranging a tea party with existing stuffed animals, simplicity often rules.
    • Encourage Imagination: Encourage your child to use their imagination. Sometimes, a simple setup can spark the most delightful stories and playtime scenarios.
  • Include Toddlers in the Fun
    • Interactive Setup: Create interactive setups where your toddler can play along with the elf, perhaps arranging a small scavenger hunt or a board game session where the elf plays a part.
    • Creative Input: Ask for your toddler's input on where the elf might appear next, fostering their creative thinking and making them a vital part of this joyful tradition.
    • Crafting Together: Enjoy crafting simple elf accessories or decorations together, making it a bonding time filled with fun and giggles.
  • Keep the Magic Alive
    • Nightly Surprises: Even on nights when you're exhausted, a quick elf setup—like having the elf hold a small gift or perch inside a coffee cup—can keep the sparkle in your toddler's eyes alive.
    • Photograph the Memories: Capture the reactions and setups in photos. This not only keeps the magic alive but creates a wonderful album of memories over the years.
    • Maintaining the Narrative: Consistently maintain the narrative of the elf's mischievous and adventurous nature to ensure that the magic permeates throughout the holiday season.
  • Narrative is Key
    • Storytelling Sessions: Arrange for regular storytelling sessions where the elf narrates tales from the North Pole, making your toddler look forward to the next installment eagerly.
    • Personalized Elf Adventures: Craft personalized elf adventures based on your child's likes and preferences, making the story resonate with them more profoundly.
    • Connection to Santa: Strengthen the narrative of the elf's connection to Santa, fostering a beautiful sense of anticipation and excitement as Christmas approaches.
  • Adaptable Traditions
    • Create Your Own Traditions: Feel empowered to create your own traditions with the elf, be it baking Christmas cookies together or watching a Christmas movie as a family.
    • Cultural Integration: Integrate elements of your cultural background or family values into the elf narratives, making the tradition more meaningful and enriched.
    • Flexible Rules: Remember, there are no hard and fast rules. If your toddler touches the elf, craft a narrative that suits your parenting style and maintains the magical atmosphere in a loving, nurturing manner.

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As we wrap up, it's essential to remember that the holiday season is all about creating beautiful memories that last a lifetime. As a parent, it's the joy in your toddler's eyes, their laughter ringing through the house, and the magic that fills the air that truly makes this season special.

In the hustle and bustle of the season, let's not forget the true essence of this tradition - fostering love, joy, and a sense of wonder in our little ones. So, grab your elf, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to create a magical shelf experience that your child will cherish for years to come. Happy Holidays!

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