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Elf on the shelf gift ideas: Easy idea and printable

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As we step into the heartwarming holiday season, there's no better way to surprise the little ones than with some engaging elf on the shelf gift ideas that breathe life into the Christmas traditions. While there's a whole host of fun ways to adorn your home with twinkling christmas lights and fragrant christmas trees, bringing a personal touch with a homemade elf candy jar can make this year's festivities extra special. Let's dive in and discover how you can craft this delightful elf on the shelf gift that promises to sprinkle a little love and joy during the Christmas season.

elf on the shelf Candy Jar Gift

Craft Your Own Elf Candy Jar: A Great Way to Welcome the Holiday Season

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  • Wide-mouth quart size clear jar
  • Red and green craft foam
  • Buttons or holiday themed gems
  • Red and green colored candies
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon or string
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pencil
  • Printable gift tag



Drawing the shape of an Elf’s collar on red craft foam

1. Draw the shape of an Elf’s collar on red craft foam. This will be a series of triangles of different heights. You can see the photo for reference.

Cutting out the collar from the red craft foam

2. Cut out the collar from the red craft foam.

Drawing triangles on the green craft foam

3. Hold the red collar shape that you just cut out over a piece of green craft foam. Draw triangles on the green craft foam where there are gaps from the triangles on the red craft foam. Again, you can view the photo for reference.

tracing the triangles down to the bottom of the sheet of green craft foam

4. Remove the red craft foam collar, and trace the triangles down to the bottom of the sheet of green craft foam.

Cutting out the collar shape

5. Cut out the collar shape that you have drawn on the green craft foam.

6. Layer the two different colors of collars on top of each other, and secure with hot glue.

collar wrapped around jar

7. Wrap the layered collar shape around the top of the wide mouth jar so that is lays flat. It is important to use a wide mouth jar, as a regular one will not allow the collar to lay correctly.

8. Secure the collar to the jar with glue.

Secured the collar to the jar with glue

9. Fill the jar with red and green candies, and place the lid on securely.

gems clued on side of jar

10. Glue three buttons or holiday themed gems to the front of the jar down the center.

elf hat cut out of craft paper

11. Cut out an elf hat shape from the green craft foam.

12. Glue a craft gem, button or pom pom to the end of the tip of the hat.

glued gem on hat

13. Using hot glue, secure the elf hat to the lid of the jar so that it faces the front.

free printable elf on the shelf Candy jar gift tag

14. Cut out the printable gift tag.

added printable on with ribbon

15. Punch a hole in the top of the tag, thread a piece of ribbon or string through it, and tie it around the top of the jar.

Creating this unique elf on the shelf candy jar is not just a fabulous elf project to delve into but also a wonderful opportunity to bond with the whole family. Remember to play some Christmas movies in the background for a fun and festive crafting session!

elf on the shelf candy jar for the perfect elf on the shelf gift ideas

Tips for Crafting Your Perfect Elf Candy Jar

  • Adding Personal Touches: Incorporate little notes inside the jar with good wishes or favorite things about the recipient. This not only makes the gift personal but also adds a sprinkle of love and magic of Christmas to your elf on the shelf gift.
  • Choosing the Right Candies: Opt for candies that resonate with the holiday season. Candy canes and mini marshmallows can be a cute idea to fill the jar.
  • Safety First: Always supervise little kids while using the hot glue gun to avoid any accidents.
  • Reuse and Recycle: Don't hesitate to use materials from last year's Christmas decorations to adorn your jar, making it not only beautiful but also sustainable.

Other fun Elf Ideas

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Elf on the Shelf Gift Ideas Can I Try?

From scout elves participating in a snowball fight to surprising the kids with a new elf pet from the North Pole, the possibilities are endless. You might even consider crafting an advent calendar filled with small surprises for each day leading up to Christmas day.

How Can I Introduce the New Elf Tradition to My Family?

It's always a good idea to bring a new friend into your home during the festive season. You can introduce the new elf tradition by arranging a little ceremony where the elf returns with a small gift or a little note explaining its story and the fun adventures that await.

What Are the Latest Trends in Elf on the Shelf Ideas?

The latest trends include elf’s hosting gingerbread house competitions or enjoying a movie night with popcorn and christmas movies. You can also place your elf in new spots around the house every day, sometimes getting into a bit of mischief with rolls of toilet paper or having a dance party with a mini record player.

Where Can I Find More Resources and Ideas for Elf on the Shelf Activities?

There are global marketplaces and platforms where artists and crafters share their best elf creations and ideas. You can explore Etsy offer for handmade pieces or look for blogs and forums dedicated to sharing fun elf ideas and stories.

Can I Personalize My Elf on the Shelf Gifts?

Absolutely, personalizing your gifts by adding the recipient's name or including a handmade card with a heartfelt message can make your gift even more special. It reflects the effort and thought that went into creating the gift, making it a cherished memory for years to come.

elf on the shelf gift ideas

Top 10 Other Fun Elf on the Shelf Gift Ideas

  1. Elf's Personalized Storybook Treat your kids to a magical tale where they feature alongside their favorite scout elf in a personalized storybook. Customize the story with their names, the elf’s name, and even choose illustrations that resemble them for a heartwarming bedtime story during the Christmas season.
  2. Elf's Christmas Tree Decorating Kit Invite the Christmas spirit into your home with a tree decorating kit. This kit includes miniature ornaments, a tiny star topper, and small strings of Christmas lights. Let your little elf take the lead in adorning its very own Christmas tree, making for a cute new spot in your living room that sparks joy and ignites the magic of Christmas.
  3. Scout Elf Superhero Costume Transform your scout elf into a superhero with this vibrant costume set. It comes with a cape and a mask, turning your elf into a guardian of the holiday spirit. It's a great way to infuse a little fun and adventure into your shelf tradition, possibly narrating nightly tales of the elf's heroics to the little ones.
  4. Elf Pets Saint Bernard Adoption Kit Expand your elf family with this adorable Saint Bernard adoption kit. It comes with a plush Saint Bernard pup and an official adoption certificate. Incorporate this new friend in daily elf adventures, fostering a tale of friendship and camaraderie straight from the North Pole.
  5. Christmas Activity Book Featuring Your Family’s Elf Keep the kids engaged with a Christmas activity book that features puzzles, coloring pages, and adventures starring your family's elf. Customize the book with your elf’s unique stories and include photos of past antics to make the activity book a cherished keepsake for years to come.
  6. Elf's Magical Recovery Kit Sometimes, the elf might find itself in a precarious situation. This recovery kit comes with everything needed to nurse your elf back to full health, including a magical recovery certificate and essential recovery items like tiny band-aids and a magic recovery dust. It adds a caring and nurturing element to the whole elf on the shelf experience.
  7. Elf Themed Gingerbread Houses Make the Christmas season sweeter with an elf themed gingerbread house kit. This kit includes all the essentials to build a gingerbread house fit for an elf, accompanied by a variety of candy canes, colorful gems, and mini marshmallows for decoration. It's not just a treat to eat but also a fun way to spur creativity and festive joy.
  8. Elf's Nightly Notes and Wish List Kit Keep the excitement alive with this nightly notes and wish list kit. Every night, your elf can leave little notes with hints about the next day's adventures or small challenges for the kids. It also includes a wish list section for the kids to write down their Christmas wishes, fostering a daily interaction with their elf friend.
  9. DIY Elf Fishing Line Adventure Set Craft your own adventure set with this DIY kit. Set up a miniature fishing scenario with a tiny fishing rod, fish, and a fishing line. Your scout elf can have nightly fishing adventures, perhaps even leaving behind small "catches" as little gifts for the kids, adding an element of surprise to their morning.
  10. Elf's Printable Coloring Pages and Crafts Kit Let the kids' creativity flow with a set of printable coloring pages and crafts kit. Themed around the scout elf's adventures, it includes pictures to color, cut-outs to craft small 3D items, and other fun activities that enhance their motor skills while indulging in the festive fun. It's a wonderful small gift to keep the kids entertained during the holiday season.


As the holiday season graces us once again, infusing a bit of creativity and personal touch in our traditions can truly make it memorable. Remember, the best part of these elf on the shelf gift ideas is not just in crafting them, but in the joy and laughter that they bring to our loved ones. So, gather your materials, play your favorite Christmas tunes, and let's make this season magical and unforgettable with these charming elf on the shelf gift ideas.

free printable elf on the shelf Candy jar gift tag

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