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This Cotton Candy Slime recipe is perfect for anyone looking for kids activities that keep them entertained for hours.   Your kids will love that cotton candy slime smells great and is fun to play with!  This is a great winter holiday homemade slime using cotton candy fragrance and white glue. Commonly asked questions aboutRead More →

This Crunchy Slime with Foam Beads craft will provide your kids with hours of colorful fun!! Classic slime is so much fun.  Even as an adult, I can spend hours playing with it.  It really is very relaxing.  I read once that slime videos are some of the most watchedRead More →

If you are looking for a fun mermaid slime recipe you’ll love this easy slime recipe because not only does it have beautiful glitter in it, but the color is stunning!  There are so many cool slime recipes.  We have birthday slime, elf slime, glitter slime, holiday slime and soRead More →

  What better way to celebrate your special day than with this colorful birthday foam bead slime. My kids love making slime. This one is especially a fun slime for kids when celebrated on their birthday. It is fun having them experiment with making different colors of slime and slimeRead More →

Your kids will love celebrating Halloween with this spooky Orange and Black Halloween Slime. This is the perfect recipe of slime for kids.  I’m sure that your kids are equally as obsessed with slime as my kids are.  Honestly, I love slime because my kids are entertained for hours.  IRead More →

This Glow in the Dark Slime is so much fun! Your kids will be so excited to see that their slime glows!  Kids can store in little containers and give their DIY slime away as gifts or hang out in a dark fort playing with their Glow in the DarkRead More →

Halloween Slime, or Candy Corn Slime is a fun way for kids to celebrate Halloween. This edible slime recipe is a fun way for kids to make a halloween craft or treat, enjoy at a holiday party or make for their friends as a easy Halloween Slime gift. It isRead More →

I seriously love everything about this sparkly Earth Day Slime.  The bright bold colors are so beautifully and perfectly represent the earth and the beauty of the earth.  Earth Day is such a great time to focus on the world around us and be reminded of how we can betterRead More →

I make Shaving Cream Slime when I have a lot to get done because it entertains my kids for hours! 🙂 Slime, slime and more slime.  Seriously, you can go to Pinterest and spend hours looking at all of the different slime recipes.  There is slime in every color andRead More →

Fill your easter basket with Easter Egg Slime instead of candy! My kids love EVERYTHING slime. Pink slime, glitter slime, christmas slime, st. patricks day green slime, silky slime— it doesn’t matter the color or holiday, they have made a slime for it.  I’m sure your kids are the sameRead More →

Ever wonder How to Make Pink Glitter Slime?  Here are step by step instructions for you. I love Glitter and sparkles and everything shiny. It just makes me happy. I guess that is why my blog is called A Sparkle of Genius. Sparkles are just so great. Never let anyoneRead More →

Seriously, how cute is this Valentine Slime Printable Card? I am in love with this Slime Printable Valentine Card. It seriously is the cutest!  Your kids will love making glitter slime with you to add to your little slime plastic containers.  Have you made slime yet?  It is a funRead More →

This Saint Patricks Day Slime is fun for kids of all ages! My kids love slime.  There is something about ooey gooey slime that is so fun and satisfying!  This St Patrick’s Day Slime is a festive and fun way to celebrate the holiday.  Your kids will love joining inRead More →

Ring in the new year with New Years Eve Glitter Slime.  There are so many fun ways to ring in the holidays with kids and our New Years Eve Glitter Slime is always on the top of the list. You’ll love the sparkles of the silver and gold and yourRead More →

The mischievous holiday elf will love this Elf on the Shelf Slime Recipe. I don’t know about you, but our holiday elf loves all things slimy, crazy and fun!  He is always getting in to trouble like building a donut snowman, telling jokes or having snowball fights! If you don’t haveRead More →

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