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Make your own Candy Sleigh

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A homemade gingerbread house decorated with assorted candies and a "Make your own Candy Sleigh" sign.


This is a really cute craft that you can build while you are making your Gingerbread houses. My kids love making things to go along with their house and this was a fun way to use candy that we already had. If you don't want to make  it for your Gingerbread house this can also make these really fast and your kids can give them to their friends in their classroom.

Make your own Candy Sleigh: A homemade candy sleigh with a kit kat bar base and candy canes as runners, decorated with a green ribbon and small figurine, suggested as a gift for

Make your own Candy Sleigh

What you need

2 Candy Canes

Mini Kit Kat

Hershey's Christmas Bells Chocolates

Eraser or any holiday figure


Double sided Tape

1. Put tape on the bottom of your kitkat and attach the two candy canes. Make sure curves of Candy Canes are facing up.

1. Tape Bell onto top of KitKat.

3. Tie ribbon around the bottom of the Candy Cane to above the bell and tie a bow.

4. Tape Gingerbread man against the bell!


A homemade gingerbread house decorated with various candies and icing, with candy canes and a Make Your Own Candy Sleigh in the foreground.

Sharing is caring!