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DIY Personalized Easter Pail

This DIY Personalized Easter Pail is perfect for collecting eggs at an Easter Egg Hunt.DIY Personalized Easter Pail

Can you believe that we are just a few weeks away from Easter! We decorated for spring so my kids are counting down the days. Plus, Grandma and Grandpa will be here visiting for Easter so they are extra excited. When we were decorating, I realized that I have no idea where my kids Easter Baskets are. I know we had some last year, but they seem to have mysteriously disappeared! I went to the store to buy them each one, but they averaged about $5+ per Easter Bucket and with 4 kids, I just didn't want to pay that.

So, I decided to make a DIY Personalized Easter Pail. 🙂  I went to the dollar store, picked them each up a beach bucket and decided to turn it into their easter basket. This now has a multi-purpose. You following me? 🙂  Not only do they have a nice and deep easter basket, which might I add is pretty perfect for going to the city Easter Egg Hunt, but then they also have a personalized beach pail for when Easter is over. Plus, being personalized, we will always remember whose belongs to who.

DIY Personalized Easter Pail

Beach Bucket (dollar store)
Cricut Machine
White Vinyl

Cut out your kiddos name with your Cricut Machine. I use contact paper to easily get it into place on the pail. Thats it. Bam. Yep. You're Done! Easy, easy and you didn't spend $5+ for a one purpose bucket. 🙂