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5 Tips for hosting the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter egg hunt in progress with tips for hosting the perfect event as children gather colorful eggs on a grassy field.

This post is sponsored by Personal Creations. All opinions are my own.

I love Easter Egg Hunts. They drive my husband crazy. Every year, I would drag my husband (kids went willingly) to the city Easter Egg hunt and every year it was packed with thousands of kids and no parking. Every year it was stressful and frustrating and the eggs went so fast that we would end up with just a few for each kid. They always had fun but we quickly learned that the experience wasn't quite worth it.

Children participate in an outdoor event full of tips for hosting the perfect Easter egg hunt.

We quickly learned that if we wanted to have the perfect Easter Egg Hunt, we had to throw it ourselves. With lots of cousins living in the same city as us, we knew that this would be a lot of fun and stress-free! Exactly how an Easter Egg Hunt should be! Here are our 5 Tips for hosting the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt:

5 Tips for hosting the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Easter countdown calendar with numbered eggs and decorative chick cutouts on a festive background, featuring tips for hosting the perfect Easter Egg Hunt.

1. Countdown. My kids get so excited for our Easter Egg Hunt and the younger kids would often ask us daily, is it Easter yet? We loved their excitement but wanted to find a fun way that they could look forward to the fun Easter Egg Hunt but also be able to comprehend how many days there were left before the event. The Easter Count Down Board was perfect for this because they were able to see exactly how many days are left and its simply adorable! I love having it personalized with our name! This also comes with 3 cute chicks with a magnet on the back so you can customize the countdown. My kids would switch it out each day depending on who got to move the magnet.

Two images of a colorful chevron-patterned welcome flag with the text "welcome the an family," displayed hanging on a wall and mounted on a metal stand outdoors, perfect for hosting the perfect Easter Egg2. Location. Location is so important for an Easter Egg Hunt. In needs to be somewhere that is big and open but also someone that has a few hiding places. The city Easter Egg Hunts can be fun but my kids really enjoy being able to really "hunt" for their eggs. There may be locations at a city park that you can reserve or an open backyard works, too. We thought this Spring Flag was perfect because we could mark the location of our Easter Egg Hunt so when our guests came they could look for the flag.

3. Plastic Eggs! Obviously this is an important part of an Easter Egg Hunt. I would recommend having 10-15 eggs per kid that will be at the Easter Egg Hunt. You can stuff these eggs with candy, stickers, erasers, coins or small toys. Kids love the variety in the eggs! If you buy your basket from Personal Creations, I recommend getting one with candy because then you can use this candy to stuff your Easter Eggs!

4. Separate by age. If you have a lot of kids of different ages you can separate your Egg Hunt by age. You can have different ages go at different times. If you don't have a large group you can separate sections by age and mark each section of by rope so they know where you look for their eggs.

Collage of a personalized plush dinosaur toy and bunny in a blue Easter basket surrounded by candy, including tips for hosting the perfect Easter Egg Hunt.

5. Sturdy Easter Basket. I remember one year when we were not prepared before going to a city Easter egg hunt. I grabbed plastic bags for my kids to hold their eggs in. My son had collected all of his eggs and we hadn't realized their was a whole in his bag. The eggs started to fall out the bottom of the bag and other kids snatched them up as quickly as they could. My son was so sad and I felt horrible! From them on, I always made sure that we had sturdy Easter Baskets. I love the baskets at Personal Creations because not only are they super cute and sturdy, but they are also personalized so there is no question that the basket belongs to you. The Plush Dinosaur Basket is going to be perfect for my son to collect easter eggs in and the All in One Ragdoll Basket is perfect for my daughter! I LOVE seeing my kids names personalized on items and think that the personalized rag dolls are so cute and PERFECT for an Easter basket.

A collage featuring tips for hosting the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt, with a plush doll with yellow hair and a pink dress next to an Easter basket filled with treats and a chocolate bunny.

This Easter you can find all these great items to throw the PERFECT Easter Egg Hunt at Personal Creations I would recommend checking out their full selection of Personalized Easter Egg Baskets because they are ADORABLE!

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