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6 Things to See and Do In Portland Oregon

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Promotional travel banner highlighting "6 Things to See and Do in Portland, Oregon" with an image of a bridge over a river.

I love Oregon. My father group of there so I spent time there as a child. I didn't ever get into Portland, though, so as an adult I was excited to have the opportunity to visit. Portland is such a great city that everyone should take time to visit. It is very clean, laid back and beautiful. There are things to do for families of all ages. Here are 6 Things to See and Do In Portland Oregon.Collage of various interior shots showcasing the narrow and equipment-filled spaces inside a submarine in Portland, Oregon, featuring an individual exploring the vessel. 1. Tour the USS Blueback Submarine-  I went on my first Submarine tour when I visited Hawaii and found it very interesting. I was very excited to visit the USS Blueback Submarine and learn more about its history. It is amazing how small of quarters they were used to living in. This is a family friendly tour but may be difficult for younger ages and the Elderly as there are steep stairs and small places to go through.

A person stands outside a grand building with a signboard in the sunlight, highlighting "Things to See and Do In Portland, Oregon".

2. Visit the Pittock Mansion. I did not have the chance to go inside but it looks stunning. The Pittock Mansion is not open all year round but still is worth going so you can walk to the back side so you can see the amazing view. Here is a photo we took from the Pittock Mansion View.

Panoramic cityscape with a prominent snow-capped mountain in the background during sunset, showcasing one of the iconic things to see and do in Portland, Oregon.

Collage of a Japanese garden in Portland, Oregon, showcasing a stone sign, waterfall, blooming tree, bamboo fence, pond, and garden paths.

3. Visit the Japanese Garden Society of Oregon. I love visiting Japanese Gardens because not only are they beautiful, it is always so quiet and peaceful. This garden was so nice to visit. I would recommend going here with time to sit and really take on your surroundings. There is an easy path to follow and a lot to see.

A close-up of the 'Portland Spirit' riverboat at dusk with lights illuminated reveals one of the top things to see and do in Portland, Oregon.

4. Take a night Cruise on the Portland Spirit. You can take this cruise for Lunch or dinner. I imagine that there are benefits to both times. During the day you would be able to see more of the sites, but night time can be relaxing and romantic. We went on a dinner cruise for our anniversary and the food was delicious and it was a calm and relaxing evening.

Collage of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), one of the top things to see and do in Portland, Oregon, featuring its exterior sign, various exhibits including minerals, a fossil

5. Visit the OMSI Museum. The OMSI is so much fun and you will definitely want to take the whole family. We loved the hands on experiments as well as all the learning. There is so much to learn and you could definitely spend the whole day here. The OMSI museum is something you don't want to miss!A cyclist stands by a bike in front of a river with bridges at different elevations, showcasing things to see and do in Portland, Oregon's cityscape.6. Ride Your Bike Across The Portland Bridges. Portland is really an active and outdoor city. The week we were there we had beautiful weather. I recommend following the bike trail around Portland and riding across their amazing bridges because you really get a view and experience of Portland that is amazing.

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