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Next week Monday, I will be swimming my way to Monterey California for the Disney Pixar Finding Dory Event at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I am so excited to learn behind the scenes information about Finding Dory, tour the Monterey Bay Aquarium and interview amazing Filmmakers and Animators from theRead More →

We recently had the opportunity to go on an RV trip as a family and one of the States that we were able to drive through was South Dakota.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit South Dakota, I highly recommend it because there is so much to seeRead More →

I am so excited for this giveaway!  There is definitely going to be a very lucky winner who wins this prize!!! This summer, I will have the opportunity to go on a family RV vacation.  We will be flying into Chicago and driving the RV home.  We will be seeingRead More →

I love Oregon.  My father group of there so I spent time there as a child.  I didn’t ever get into Portland, though, so as an adult I was excited to have the opportunity to visit. Portland is such a great city that everyone should take time to visit.  ItRead More →

I had the opportunity to visit Pixar Animation Studios.  How awesome is that.  I love Pixar movies.  Really, I think every person in the whole world loves Pixar Movies.  Not only are they beautiful to watch, the story is amazing and we all fall in love with the characters.  IRead More →

I received the PAPAGO! dash cam P2pro for review.  All opinions are my own. Being a mom of four, safety is so important.  When I hop in my car and strap my kids in I want to make sure that I did everything in my power to keep them safe.Read More →


I love learning the behind the scenes of movies. It brings so much more depth, love and respect for a story when you are able to see exactly what was put into making a movie.  I’m always shocked and amazed when I find out exactly what it took.  There isRead More →

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