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Behind the Scene Look at Skywalker Ranch: Strange Magic Press Day #StrangeMagicEvent

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Lush green hills with a winding road leading to a small village nestled in a valley, offering a behind-the-scenes look at Skywalker Ranch.Skywalker Ranch seems to be one of the places that everyone knows exists but they know nothing about it. I even had someone tell me that they though that Skywalker Ranch was just a myth and that it really didn't exist because you hear so little about it. It does exist, though and you can find Skywalker Ranch 40 minutes north of San Francisco. Skywalker Ranch is about 7000 acres.

A vineyard with a large brick winery building in the background on a sunny day offers a behind-the-scenes look at Skywalker Ranch.

I had the amazing opportunity to spend the day at Skywalker Ranch while I was in California and get a tour of the property. At Skywalker Ranch you will find Skywalker Sound which occupies the 153,000-square-foot Technical Building. This building features a "world-class scoring stage, six mix studios, ADR and Foley stages, 34 editing suites, and a 300-seat screening room. The property also includes the iconic main house and the beautiful Lake Ewok." We had the opportunity to tour all of these areas.

A metal archway over a paved path with surrounding foliage on a sunny day offers a behind-the-scenes look at Skywalker Ranch.

This beautiful arch is at the entrance of Skywalker Ranch. You cannot see it from the photo but it says "Viandante del Cielo" on the arch which means Skywalker. You drive through this archway to get to the Technical Building. This is where are tour started

A wooden pergola surrounding a leafless tree with benches integrated into a circular stone-edged planting area, against a backdrop of Skywalker Ranch and vegetation.

The Technical building, like all the buildings at Skywalker Ranch is absolutely beautiful. They In this building they use the combination of brick and stone a lot which is one of my favorite building styles. It looks timeless and beautiful. Here are some pictures of the entry way:

Two different staircases inside buildings, one with brick walls and the other with stone walls, each with a poster on the wall at the base of the stairs featuring a Behind the Scene Look at Skywalker RanchWhen you first walk in to the Technical Building there is a very inviting sitting room. This is where the employees hang out and eat their meals. There are lots of sitting areas with tables around the building to make it of inviting. I loved the ceiling and that it let in so much natural lighting. This main room was such a beautiful place to hang out with the fun colors, brick, stone and foliage.

Indoor atrium with plants and seating area at Skywalker Ranch, featuring a glass ceiling and multi-level wooden balconies.

We had the opportunity to go into the Movie Theater and watch Strange Magic. I will tell you all about this on another time but I just wanted to show you a picture of this beautiful screening room. This room has 300 seats and is an amazing place to watch a movie.

An empty cinema hall with a few viewers seated and waiting for the "Behind the Scene Look at Skywalker Ranch" movie to start, illuminated by soft ambient lighting.

The Technical Building had many rooms that really had such a home-like feel. There are lots of couches and sitting areas where you can take a break, read a magazine, or rest. 
A cozy cottage living room featuring a dining area with a wooden table and chairs on the left, and a sitting area with upholstered furniture and shelving on the right, bathed in natural light behindThe Technical Buildings walls were covered with large movie posters and movie artwork. This is all George Lucas's personal collection and one of the largest collections of its kind.

A collage of three images showing vintage posters with vibrant illustrations, including advertisements and a movie serial titled "Flying Disc Man from Mars," offers a behind-the-scenes look at Skywalker Ranch. Immediately upon exiting the back of the Technical Building you walk out to a large winery. I can image this looks amazing when it is full of grapes. When you look to the left you can see the main house and straight ahead a beautiful lake.

Vineyard rows leading toward a house nestled in the hills on a sunny day, offering a behind-the-scenes look at Skywalker Ranch.

We had the opportunity to walk to the lake at Skywalker Ranch. Fittingly, this lake is called Lake Ewok. I was surprised to learn that it was actually named after the Miwok Indians that used to live in this area. Everywhere you turn at Skywalker Ranch you find the most beautiful views.

A collage of two peaceful countryside scenes, one showcasing a sunlit tree and the other featuring a house near a pond surrounded by hills, offering a behind-the-scene look at Skywalker Ranch.
  We had the opportunity at this point to visit the main store and do some shopping as well as seeing the pool and another eating area. I loved that many areas you went you would find bikes laying around. This was because Skywalker Ranch provides bikes for their employees so they can enjoy the property. I love bike rides and would have loved a chance to ride a bike to explore all the land has to offer.

Large victorian-style house with expansive front lawn, clear blue sky, and a behind-the-scene look at Skywalker Ranch.

I fell in love with the Main House. All 50,000 square feet of it. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to live in a Victorian style home and the Main House is everything that I could have ever wanted. This George will let me move in? 🙂  We had the opportunity to go on a tour of the Main House but we were not able to take pictures when we were inside. Victorian-style house with a turret and wraparound porch on a sunny day, offering a behind-the-scenes look at Skywalker Ranch.

In the Main House you will find George Lucas's office. The gable on the top right of the building where the light is on is where his office is located. We did not have the opportunity to see it but I'm sure the views out his windows were amazing.

A grand library room with a spiral staircase and a stained-glass dome ceiling offers a behind-the-scenes look at Skywalker Ranch.

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I am so glad that they provided us with a photo of the Library to show to you because it was the most amazing library. This is a reference library that the employees have access to so they can check out books for research. In all their locations, they have over 30,000 books available for reference. In the main house you will also find movie props, trophy displays, media rooms and meeting rooms. Each room is different and stunning.

A yellow house obscured by lush greenery on the left and a glasshouse surrounded by trees under a clear sky on the right, offering a behind-the-scene look at Skywalker Ranch.  I loved all of the large trees on the property. Everywhere you turned were different types of large beautiful tress. The weather couldn't have been better and everything was simply beautiful! Here are some facts about Skywalker Ranch that you may not have known:

  • You can find George Lucas's office and Movie Theater in the main house.
  • Skywalker Ranch has a fully functioning Fire Department.
  • Skywalker Ranch has an archives building which housing original movie props.
  • There is a Skywalker Ranch Inn where employees can stay when they are working
  • The buildings are designed in a way where you look out the window and cant see another building.
  • George Lucas Established Skywalker Ranch in 1980 because he wanted to go back to his roots.
  • The main house features George Lucas's personal collection of Original Norman Rockwell paintings.

A serene porch with white rocking chairs overlooking a well-manicured lawn and trees offers a behind-the-scenes look at Skywalker Ranch.

One of my favorite features of the Main House was the large wrap around porch. The views are amazing so I could imagine spending hours drinking lemon-aid, reading a book and rocking on the rocking chairs. Really sounds like such a dream! 🙂    I hope that you enjoyed our tour of Skywalker Ranch!

Promotional poster for "Strange Magic" movie highlighting its message "everyone deserves to be loved" with a colorful cast of animated characters under a full moon.

Don't forget to check out Strange Magic In Theaters January 23rd! We had the opportunity to see this movie and I will share my review with you soon. Here is the trailer for you:

YouTube video

I received an all expense paid trip to visit Pixar Animation and Skywalker Ranch in exchange for sharing my posts.

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