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New Years Day Free Goal Printable

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Colorful dots arranged in a circular pattern surrounding a question about hypothetical extra time received each day, presented in a printable format for New Year's Day goal setting.What would you do if someone told you that you were being given an extra hour for each day. Let's just imagine for a second that with this gift, you now have 25 hours in every day.

How would you spend this gift?

The overwhelmed mom in me thinks about how much more I could accomplish on my to do list with 365 free hours each year. That is a lot of folded laundry.

The procrastinator in me thinks that I will lay in bed one hour longer or take an hour nap. Life is busy as a parent and sometimes you just need more sleep.

The blogger in me thinks about how many blog posts I could write, tweets I could schedule or emails I could answer.

The dreamer in me would think of all the hobbies that interest me. Maybe I would learn to sew a quilt, take better photos, or learn to ski.

The Lover in me would pull my family close. I would laugh, talk, snuggle and just be together.

The traveler in me would plan a day trip to some local destination that I had always wanted to visit.

The cook in me would pull out all my cookbooks ( or stalk Pinterest) and make the worlds most delicious menu plan to feed my family.

Now let's imagine if you just re-evaluated your schedule each day and you realized that just by shifting a few things around you could find that hour.

You could wake up ten minutes earlier. You could check Facebook while eating breakfast. You could fold clothes while watching your favorite tv show. You could ask for help if you need to! You could multitask those items that we often spend too long on and give yourself this gift. It wouldn't be hour 25, but a free hour nonetheless, given to you, by you.

Now what would you do with that hour?

This New Year I didn't make any New Years resolutions. Maybe it was the procrastinator in me, but I knew if I set specific "resolutions" I would fail. When I make resolutions , I feel like I have to do each and everything on my list perfectly from day one. Quickly feeling overwhelmed and like a big failure. This doesn't work for me. I decided to wait a few weeks and let the New Year crazies settle down and then make a goal list.

You may say goals and resolutions are the same thing, but to me, they are not. Goals are realistic items I want to accomplish with achievable step by step directions of how I am going to achieve this. If I miss a step or miss a day, I can start over at any time. Without failing. You just have to keep trying.
Inspirational quote encircled by a pattern of orange and green dots: "Spend one hour each day doing something that you value." - New Year's Day Free Goal PrintableThis year my 2015 goals are to find areas in my life that I can multitask or better use my time so I can give that one hour each day to something that I value.

Some days this hour might go to sleep, dishes, snuggling a sick kid, writing a blog post, calling a friend, baking cookies, going on a bike ride or reading a book. 

It doesn't matter what it is, if you value it, then it is worth taking the hour. Finding value in what you do can bring you more happiness in the long run.
Inspirational quote surrounded by a circular pattern of orange and green dots, perfect for a New Year's Day printable goal.My amazing sister-in-law over at, made me this beautiful printable so I could pick 4 goals that can help me give more time to what I value. I wanted to share this printable with you because I know that many people are in the same boat as me. They want to better themselves day to day but in a realistic do-able way. Click on the photo below to Download New Years Day Free Goal Printable via dropbox.
Colorful New Years Day goal-setting worksheet with spaces to write down four personal goals and their corresponding action plans.
You can start as simple as you want. You could do one goal per month and print out new sheets for each month, you could do 4
each month, or something in between. Whatever is achievable for YOU!

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