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I have heard that Ant Man is the most Family Friendly Marvel Movie yet.  We are excited to see it.  I husband had the opportunity to take my boys to see a pre-screening of this movie.  They all came home excited to say that they loved the movie and theyRead More →

Wow.  I just finished watching the movie trailer.  This looks intense!  This incredible thriller is based on a true story.  I love when they make true stories into movies so we can be inspired by so many of these real life heroes.  This movie looks intense and action packed! IRead More →

This is the first that I have heard of Zootopia. Zootopia is a Comedy adventure that will come into theaters in 2016.  Here is more about the movie: “The modern mammal metropolis of Zootopia is a city like no other. Comprised of habitat neighborhoods like ritzy Sahara Square and frigidRead More →

“Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head? Disney Pixar’s original new film “Inside Out” ventures inside the mind to find out.” When I had the opportunity to go to the Inside Out Event in California, I had the opportunity to learn more about theRead More →

I had the opportunity to go to a prescreening of McFarland USA in theaters before it came out.  I have always been a fan of inspirational sports movies because I feel like they are relatable to everyone, even if you are not doing that particular sport.  Everyone has goals, strugglesRead More →

This is the first that I have heard of this movie, but it looks really good.  I love these types of movies because they teach a little bit about history but are entertaining and enjoyable to watch.  I love Tom Hanks as an actor so I am excited to see himRead More →

Did you know that Strange Magic is available now to own?  I had the opportunity of watching this movie when it was in theaters and really enjoyed it so I was very excited to watch it when it was released on DVD. I love listening to music, so any storyRead More →

I think that Tomorrowland is the movie that I have being looking forward to most this year.  It is one that I am not only excited to see for myself, but one that I am excited to take my kids to.  Tomorrowland is in theaters now and definitely one thatRead More →

Have you seen the new Disney live action re-make of Cinderella?  It is so magical and such a beautiful movie.  I loved it.  I had the opportunity to go see it for girls night and all 10 of us, of different ages fell in love with the movie.  Of course,Read More →

Do you have a secret handshake with your kid?  Recently, my 6 year old came to me and asked if we could have a secret handshake. He taught me what we were supposed to do and asked me to give him the secret handshake hourly.  It really made me laughRead More →

I’m sure you will all be joining be opening weekend to watch Disney’s new live-action CINDERELLA!  This movie looks amazing and my daughters have been begging me to take them.  Cinderella is starring Lily James and Academy Award-winner Cate Blanchett, and will be in theaters on March 13th.  If seeing this movie isn’t exciting enoughRead More →

Have you seen the new trailer for Disney’s Cinderella? I thought that this movie looked amazing after the first trailer but I am so excited to see it from this trailer.  This movie is turning in to being a very different movie than I had originally expected.  I love that theyRead More →

Ever since the first time I saw the Boxtrolls trailer I was eager to see the movie.  There is something about the style and design that I was really drawn to. The character designs are really fun but very unique that I was excited to see what this movie wasRead More →

I always look forward to finding out the new  movie slate from Walt Disney Studios each year.  They succeed every year at making some of my absolutely favorite movies and 2015 looks as if it will not disappoint.  I read the list to my husband and kids and some ofRead More →

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