Have Courage and Be Kind Cinderella Free Printable

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Have you seen the new Disney live action re-make of Cinderella?  It is so magical and such a beautiful movie.  I loved it.  I had the opportunity to go see it for girls night and all 10 of us, of different ages fell in love with the movie.  Of course, the lines that stood out the most in the movie were Have Courage and Be Kind.  What amazing advice.  I remind my daughter of this now whenever she is feeling nervous.  I think it is a powerful statement and that you will LOVE the movie.  I made this printable for my daughter to hang in her room so she could remember to make these words a part of her daily life.  Here is the link to the FREE printable.

Have Courage and Be Kind Cinderella Free Printable



  1. I am going to be seeing this movie this weekend and what a breathtaking movie to see with the whole family! The costumes look so pretty and I love the story.

  2. We have not seen this movie yet but are going to soon, Classic movie! One of my favorites growing up.

  3. I think this is going to be the movie of year for the girls, they are loving the previews, the outfits, etc.

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