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22 Easter Recipes made with Peeps

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An assortment of colorful Easter-themed treats and decorations featuring marshmallow peeps, including 22 Easter recipes made with Peeps.
Easter is just weeks away which means its time to start baking! I hopped on Pinterest today and searched "Easter Peeps Recipes" and man, there are some creative desserts out there! Peeps seem to be the kind of treat that you either love or hate. Me, I love them. I think that it is because my dad loved them growing up and so we always received them every easter. Because my dad loved them, I loved them. To this day, Peeps remind me of being a kid! I wanted to make a round up up my favorite Peeps recipes that I found so I could come back to them when I started to bake. Hopefully you can find some recipes here that you like, too because there are some really great ones. Here are 22 Easter Recipes made with Peeps. Enjoy!

22 Easter Recipes made with Peeps

A cupcake with green frosting and a yellow bunny-shaped marshmallow peep on top, placed next to a box of pink marshmallow peeps.

Peeps Bunny Cupcakes

Easter Peeps S'mores
Colorful cupcakes topped with marshmallow bird-shaped candies.

Peeps Cupcakes

Peeps Pudding Cups PEEPS EASTER BUNNY DIRT CAKE RECIPE Rice Krispies Peep's Egg Nests
Colorful marshmallow chicks on top of chocolate cupcakes adorned with speckled easter eggs, displayed on green artificial grass.

Peeps Chicks Cupcakes

Fruit skewers arranged with strawberries and kiwis on a wooden surface.

Fruit Kabobs with Peeps

Three pretzel sticks coated with colorful sprinkles and topped with yellow bunny-shaped marshmallows, presented in a glass as festive treats.

Peeps Pretzel Pops

Chocolate dipped bunny Peeps No-Bake Easter Peeps Mini Cakes
Homemade chocolate-dipped peeps s'mores with ingredients displayed.

Chocolate Dipped Peeps S'mores

Plate of colorful rice krispies treats shaped like bunnies with a glass of milk.

Rice Krispy Peeps

White Chocolate Bunny Peeps Pops
Chocolate bunny-shaped pops on sticks displayed in a jar with pink crinkle paper, labeled as 'easter marshmallow bunny pops'.

Marshmallow Bunny Pops

Colorful marshmallow bunny peeps dipped in white chocolate and decorated with sprinkles.

White Chocolate Dipped Bunny Peeps

Rice Krispie Peeps
A colorful cake decorated with marshmallow bunnies and candy eggs.

Peeps Cake

Colorful cupcakes with flip-flop decorations displayed on a table.

Sweet Celebration Cupcakes

A jar filled with colorful candies and topped with marshmallow bunnies on striped sticks, amidst easter decorations.

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow bunnies

Cupcakes decorated with green icing and topped with purple candy.

Peep Cupcakes

Happy Easter! Do you have a favorite Peeps recipe? Check out all of our Easter Recipes and Crafts.

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