This fun jar helps with Easy Story Writing Prompt Ideas for kids. My daughter loves writing stories.  Ever since she was in Kindergarten she would sit down with a notebook and write the most creative stories.  Over the years, I have loved reading her stories and have saved many ofRead More →

We are just weeks away from the 4th of July so I am excited to start sharing some of my decoration projects with you.  I love 4th of July because it is a day that morning until evening is all about family and being outside celebrating the beautiful United States.Read More →

I really like Washi Tape.  I don’t know what it is about it, but I am afraid I am going to be a Washi Tape horder.  Kind of like I am with fabric.  Its the colors and patterns and bold designs that make me want to own every color/pattern possible.Read More →

I love Washi Tape.  I have used it for so many crafting things like card making, banner making and more.  Problem is, I have tons of it just lying around and I really needed a place to store it all.  Another thing I love is Jars.  I have more ofRead More →

I love Mother’s Day.  Not because it is a day that I can get spoiled, but because its a day that my kids give me that most adorable hand made gift.  My husband always feels like I need to be spoiled with flowers, chocolates and other big gifts, but forRead More →

This DIY Personalized Easter Pail is perfect for collecting eggs at an Easter Egg Hunt. Can you believe that we are just a few weeks away from Easter!  We decorated for spring so my kids are counting down the days.  Plus, Grandma and Grandpa will be here visiting for Easter soRead More →

Creativity is key.  Its so true, isn’t it.  When kids are being creative you can see them learning, enjoying and experiencing.  I love creativity and try to give my kids as many opportunities to create as I can.  I try to teach my kids how to create, but let themRead More →

  I love having a banner over my fireplace during the holidays.  I think it just really adds to the look and festivity.  Here are some of the past garlands we  have done for the holidays.   Holiday Garland Ideas     I wanted to do something a little differentRead More →

Seriously, how is it possible that today is March?  Didn’t we just have Christmas?  My parents came to visit my house and were joking with me because my fireplace and mantle are newly decorated for St. Patrick’s Day, my kitchen still has Valentine’s decor and my chalkboard says “Happy NewRead More →