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Mother's Day Tote Gift Idea

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A Mother's Day tote bag with a pink floral design and a gift tag hanging on a door handle.I love Mother's Day. Not because it is a day that I can get spoiled, but because its a day that my kids give me that most adorable hand made gift. My husband always feels like I need to be spoiled with flowers, chocolates and other big gifts, but for me, the most special ones are the hand drawn letters from my kids with cute pictures on them. I love a hand made gift. A gift from the heart. The little notes that I receive from my kids are always so special to me and I can tell through their artwork that they love me so much. And I love them and cherish them. Two of my kids are getting a little older and want something a little more intensive than a hand drawn card. I told them that they could go into the art room and create. They love to have the tools just to be creative and see what they can make. I always love seeing what they come up with. Here is a Mother's Day Tote Gift Idea that older kids can easily do and moms will love!

Mother's Day Tote Gift Idea


Canvas Tote (purchase at Michael's)
Elmer's Painter Pens
Stencil of choice
Cricut Machine
Masking Tape



1. Gather all your supplies

A variety of colorful markers lying on top of a paisley stencil design package, perfect for a Mother's Day tote gift idea.

2. Tape Stencil to Canvas bag with Masking Tape (I over taped just to make sure that the stencil didn't move and then I moved the tape when I got to the area)

White embroidered textile with a floral design, partially covered by a green patterned ribbon, perfect as a Mother's Day gift idea.

3. Use your Elmers Painters Pen color of choice and fill in the stencil. You can use one color or multiple colors. I found it easiest for kids to stick with one color for their first time using a stencil.

Mother's Day colorful floral stencil cut-out on a white background tote gift idea.

4. When finished, go over any spot in the stencil that needs more color or better outline.

Intricate pink floral pattern created with a stencil on a white background, perfect as a Mother's Day tote gift idea.

5. Remove Masking tape from Stencil, remove stencil and allow Elmers Painters to dry. Doesn't take long. 🙂

A Mother's Day tote bag with a pink floral pattern on a table.

6. With your Cricut Machine, Cut out a tag with the shape of your choice. They have lots to choose from. You can either use pen to write Happy Mother's Day, your Cricut or print it on the paper before cutting. I have a Cricut Mini, so I had to print the words on my printer first and then cut around them.

A decorative pink flower and a tag with the words "happy Mother's Day" on a floral-patterned Mother's Day tote.

7. Attach Tag and Flowers with Twine or ribbon of your choice. Give the bag as the gift, or fill with other little presents! This is a gift mom is sure to love!

A Mother's Day Tote gift idea, with a pink floral design hanging on a door handle, adorned with a pink flower and a tag.


Sharing is caring!