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DIY Wood Photo Stand

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DIY wood clipboard used as a photo stand displaying a card with the phrase "love the journey" and a bicycle illustration.I really had fun with this craft. I love decorating my home for the different holidays and I felt that this craft was one that I could keep out year round and just have to change the photo. This craft is perfect for a family picture, quote or even to hold a recipe. I chose to print out this adorable quote that I found on Pinterest. I felt that it was a great reminder to enjoy everyday and Love the whole journey.

DIY Wood Photo Stand

Wood Recipe Stand
Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths
Sand Paper
Wood glue
Clothes Pin
Decorative sign with the phrase "love the journey!" featuring an illustration of a bicycle with a basket of flowers, held by a DIY wood photo stand on a polka-dotted background.


1. If you have never used Finishing cloths, they are pretty awesome. You just need on to do this project. They are like baby wipes with paint on them. All you do is rub them all around your wood project until it is completely coated.

2. Allow wood to dry. This takes about 1 hour.

3. Sand edges of Photo Sand with sand paper. This is to personal liking. You can sand a lot, none or a little. I liked the look of it being sanded because I felt that it finished the project out nicely.

4. Line the back of your clothespin with wood glue and hold in place on photo stand until dry. This doesn't take very long.

5. Add photo and display! 🙂

A DIY wood photo stand featuring a decorative sign with the phrase "love the journey," including an illustration of a bicycle.

Sharing is caring!