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Make your own Washi Tape Storage Jars

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A decorated Washi Tape Storage Jar labeled "Washi Tape Mason Jar," adorned with twine and filled with colorful tape rolls.


I love Washi Tape. I have used it for so many crafting things like card making, banner making and more. Problem is, I have tons of it just lying around and I really needed a place to store it all. Another thing I love is Jars. I have more of those than is probably healthy. 🙂  I'm a bit of a jar addict, but I find they are the perfect place to store those little trinkets that you don't have any place for. I started storing my Washi Tape in jars which I really liked, but I decided to spruce up the jars a little bit. There are so many fun ways that you can decorate jars. Here are the two designs that I came up with. These would be perfect for your own personal storage or also for gifts.

Washi Tape Storage Jars

Decorated glass jar with a patterned lid and a twine bow, ideal as Washi Tape Storage.


Mason Jar
Washi Tape

1. Cut burlap to the size of your jar.
2. Tie a bow around front of burlap.
3. Glue Burlap into place with edges touching at the bar of your jar.
4. Line Jar lid with different patterns of Washi Tape.
5. Fill with Washi Tape for storage or a gift.

A washi tape storage jar with a "create" label on a wooden surface.

Cricut Machine
Washi Tape

1. With Cricut Machine, cut out shapes and word "create". You really could put any design of choice here.
2. Apply vinyl to jar.
3. Line lid with Washi Tape.
4. Fill Jar with Washi Tape
A glittery label with the word "create" on a decorative Washi Tape Storage Jar.

What do you like to make with Washi Tape?


Sharing is caring!