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Make Your Own Summer Bucket List

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My kids have only 3 1/2 weeks left of school. Seriously, how did that happen? It seems like the older I get the faster the years go. This summer I want to be more prepared. It always seems like the kids are out of school for the summer for a whole 5 minutes and they are already saying, "I'm Bored". I totally get it. In school, they are entertained for 7 hours a day and then summer comes and moms just can't entertain for that many hours straight.

I decided to make a kids Summer Bucket List. Some of the items are things that we need to do as a family, but you can also add items that they can do all on their own. Things like read a book, write a story, make a fort, etc. You could even sit down with your kids and have them write their own bucket list and they can each make their own bucket customized to their summer.

Make Your Own Summer Bucket List

Clothespin- Glitter Clothespin Tutorial HERE

I have four kids ages 2-11 so I wanted to make my bucket in a way that they would all be able to know what the activities on our bucket are so I used my Cricut machine to also add fun shapes.


1. With your Cricut Machine, cut out coordinating shapes for each activity. Glue die cut onto clothes pin. This step is optional.


2. On the back of your Clothespin (or front if you skipped step one) Write the name of the activity with a sharpie.


3. With your Cricut Machine, Cut out "Summer Bucket List" on Vinyl. You could also use a name if you are making one for each kid. Ex. "Lily's Summer Bucket List".

4. Apply Vinyl to Bucket

5. Clip Clothespin along the top of your bucket.

6. When you have completed an activity, unclip from the top of bucket and put inside of bucket.

7. Have the coolest summer ever!


Here are 50 activities that you could add to your Bucket List 

1. Do Service
2. Play at the Park
3. Go Hiking

4. Read a book
5. Go on a train ride
6. Wash Your Car
7. Ride a horse
8. Plant a Garden
9. Hunt for Bugs
10. Go Fishing

11. Go Camping
12. Go to an Outdoor Concert
13. Play Miniature Golf

14. Fly a Kite
15. Write a Story
16. Put on a Play
17. Make S'mores
18. Run in a Race
19. Have an Ice Cream Party
20. Go to the Zoo

21. Go GeoCaching
22. Play a family Baseball Game
23. Host a BBQ
24. Go Swimming
25. Go on a Scenic Drive
26. Have a water Balloon Fight
27. Go to a Museum
28. Go to the Library 

29. Feed the Ducks
30. Go on a Picnic
31. Go to the Farmers Market
32. Go on a Walk
33. Have a paper airplane flying contest

34. Ride a bike
35. Draw with Sidewalk Chalk
36. Have a Lemonaid Stand
37. Go Star Gazing
38. Go Bowling
39. Ride on a Boat
40. Bake Cookies

41. Watch the Sunset

42. Go Bird Watching

43. Go to a Summer Concert

44. Paint a Picture
45. Make a Fort
46. Make a Puzzle
47. Have family Game Night
48. Tour the Fire Department
49. Walk your Dog

50. Go on a Roadtrip

We love comments!
What items are on your Summer Bucket List?

Sharing is caring!