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DIY Painted Glitter Clothespins Tutorial

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Children's artwork and a quote by alan alda hung on a string against a beige wall.

I received the following items for review from Oriental Trading. All opinions are my own. 
Assorted craft supplies including martha stewart metallic paints and colorful glitter tubes with wooden clothespins on a wooden surface.

My kids love crafting. Paints, markers, crayons, glitter, you name it. If they can craft with it, they love it! We have stacks and stacks of art they have made, but I wanted them to have a way for them to display their art. A way that we could see all of the beautiful things they create, but they can change it out whenever they have a new project. We decided to create them an art wall. The fun thing about this art wall, was that everything was created by them. Including the Clothespins they would use to hold their artwork. Clothespins are fun and all, but we wanted to pretty them out a little more so the kids decided that it would be best to paint them and glitter them!

What you need for this craft:

Martha Stewart Crafts™ Pearl & Metallic Acrylic Paint Set
50 Clothespins
Bright Glitter
Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue™

Children engaged in crafting activities, expressing joy and concentration.
1. Paint your clothes pins. These is easy enough for preschoolers and they will have so much fun. We used metallic paint which was really fun because it turned out very shiny and bright.

Rows of assorted colorful clothespins arranged in lines on a surface.
2. Lay your clothespins out to dry on wax paper.
Five paper plates with different colored bottles of glitter on a wooden table.
3. We used one paper plate per color of glitter, so the colors wouldn't mix.

A tube of aleene's original tacky glue next to a small dollop of glue on a white surface.
4. Add tacking glue on paper plate. Use paint brush to add glue to one side of clothespin.
A clothespin covered in gold glitter, resting next to a pile of pink glitter.
5. Dip glue side onto glitter.

A wooden clothespin coated with purple glitter, lying next to a small pile of loose glitter on a white surface.
6. Move around until the whole side is completely covered with glitter.
Assorted colorful glitter-coated clothespins arranged on a surface.
7. Allow clothes pins time to dry completely.

Assorted colorful glitter-covered clothespins spread out on a surface.
8. You can glitter all of your clothespins or keep some painted only.

A collection of colorful glitter-covered clothespins arranged on a surface.
I love the bright, sparkly colors!

Scattered glitter glue sticks on a surface.
9. Once dry, you are ready to hang your creations!
A collage of six different handcrafted tags featuring colorful drawings, including a princess, olympic rings, a heart pattern, a sun, a cartoon snowman, and apples.
 10. We used twine ribbon to hang our creations, but you could also use fishing line or wire.
A series of children's colorful drawings and crafts clipped to a string against a beige background.

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