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101 Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

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Easter basket
101 Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

I love Easter. Maybe it is because the weather is getting warmer and the decorations and treats are so fun! Every year, the Easter Bunny fills the kids Easter baskets and leaves eggs in the backyard for them to find. It is such a fun tradition that my kids really look forward to and I love seeing them so happy. I am a non-candy easter egg girl. Last year, I gave in and put some jelly beans in plastic eggs for the egg hunt and when the kids found them, they were filled with ants. It was gross and it made it so Easter for us is non-candy. There are lots of great treats that you could add to their Easter basket that aren't candy, like raisins, fruit snacks, gold fish, etc. For this list, I am focusing on non food items. Here are a few fun gift ideas and below are Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas.

Easter basket toys

  • Smart Toys and Games - Compacts and Pockets games are perfect for Easter Basket gifts!


Easter basket ideas

  • Whiffer Sniffers  introduces two new Series each year. This year, Series 6 of its scented plush backpack clips (parts 1 and 2) are available now. Willy Hyde is theEaster character this year. Whiffer Sniffers come in blind packs for a chance to find Rare characters, and gold bags for Super Rares.

Pen and Color

  • Chameleon Kidz, Blendy Pens are fun for Easter, spring break or summer travel, for rainy day indoor play, Arts & Crafts and birthday gifts.

gift idea

  • Your kids will love this STEM Starter Kit that turns your smartphone into a high-powered microscope for STEM learning on the go! Board game and Card game
  • These Top Trumps STEM-themed card decks are fun & educational gifts, or great for travel. They are perfect addition to an easter basket.


101 Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

1. Sand Bucket and Shovel.

The thing I love about #1 is it something practical that they can use at the beach or park but if you use your Cricut or Silhouette Machine you can add their name to the front with Vinyl and make it their Easter Basket! If you don't have one you could use craft markers or colored Sharpies for their name.

2. Puzzle

3. Toothbrush

4. Squirt Gun

5. Frizbee

6. Board Book

7. Stickers

8. Fill plastic eggs with coins

9. Bracelet

10. Temporary Tattoos

11. Baseball Cards

12. Sunglasses

13. Easter Clothes

14. Stamps and Ink Pads

15. Favorite Book

16. DVD

17. Stationary Set

18. Items they collect

19. Hot Wheels

20. Puppet

21. Markers

22. Notebook

23. Coloring Book

24. Jump rope

25. Bow tie

26. New Swimsuit

27. Beach towel

28. Pool Toys

29. Binoculars

30. Sippy Cup

31. Yo-yo

32. Science Kit

33. Walkie Talkie

34. Money Bank

35. Doh Vinci

36. Toy Doctor Kit

37. Play Money

38. Paint

39. Eraser

40. Nail Polish

41. Play-doh

42. Origami Paper

43. Sidewalk Chalk

44. Card game

45. Gift Card

46. Dollar Bill

47. Silly Putty

48. Barbie

49. Music CD

50. Construction Paper

51. Project Life Album

52. Glow Rings

53. Craft Kids

54. Dress up

55. Pretend Make up

56. Jacks

57. Kite

58. Marbles

59. Glitter Glue

60. Craft Scissors

61. Character Bandaids

62. Basketball

63. Kids Watch

64. Toy musical instruments

65. Rainbow loom

66. Tutu

67. Bedroom Decor

68. Action Figure

69. Shrinky Dinks

70. Moon Dough

71. Magnet Dolls

72. Crystal Growing Kit

73. Bubbles

74. Headband

75. Stuffed Animal

76. Nerf gun

77. Pencils

78. Bubble Bath

79. Legos

80. Gardening tools

81. Gardening seeds

82. Chapstick

83. Easter Socks

84. Umbrella

85. Book on CD

86. Board Game

87. Balloons

88. Modeling Clay

89. Baby Doll

90. Drinking Straws

91. Foam Glider Plane

92. Pajamas

93. Video Game

94. Kaleidoscope

95. Spiral Art

96. Toy Train

97. Building Blocks

98. Bath Toys

99. Pretend Food

100. Duct Tape

101. Washi Tape

Happy Easter!! If you have any

Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas that didn't make it on to the list, I would love to hear them! I am always looking for new ideas! Check out all of our Easter Recipes and Crafts.

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