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Make your own Duct Tape Pencil Case

Duct tape and Pencil

It is back to school time which means that it is time to stock up on crayons, markers, pencils and more! I love back to school time because there is something exciting about starting a new year. This year, you can Make your own Duct Tape Pencil Case so you can start the first day of school in style!

Make your own Duct Tape Pencil Case

Materials: white, blue, yellow, light blue, gold, orange, green, red, and fuchsia duct tape; 2 round neodyne magnets, key chain ring

Tools: self-healing cutting mat, corked back metal ruler, craft knife, parchment paper, 1/8" hole puncher

Duct tape and Pencil1. Place a parchment paper measuring 10" wide x 15" high on top of your worktable. Starting from the bottom, place 9 strips of white duct tape across the parchment paper. Be sure the strips overlap along the long edges by at least 1/8". Flip over and place the duct tape/parchment paper on your worktable in the landscape position. Peel off parchment paper. Starting at the bottom of the half-made fabric, place 6 strips of blue duct tape across it. Be sure the strips overlap along the long edges by at least 1/8". Trim down the fabric to 10" x 15". (See my instructional video)
Duct tape and Pencil2. Place the fabric on your worktable in the portrait position, white side facing up.
3. Cut two strips of 6" white duct tape. Measure and mark 6" from the bottom left and right corners of the fabric. Starting at the two marks, vertically place each strip along the left and right edges. Be sure the strips are halfway on the fabric.
A person taking a selfie4. Fold back the vertical tape strips and pull up the bottom portion of the fabric. Push down along the outer edges to form the main pocket.
5. Trim the corners of the flap in a curved line.
A close up of a person6. Cut 12" strips of various colored tape. Trim the width of each trip to 1/4". Use these strips to decorate the front of the pencil case. Trim edges of strips that extend past the edges of the pencil case.
7. Flip bag over so the opening is face up. Place a magnet on the inside of the flap, centered and approximately 1/2" from the top edge. Cover with a piece of white duct tape.
Pen and Duct tape8. Place a magnet inside the pocket, centered and approximately 1/2" from the bottom edge. Push it agains the top fabric of the pocket and cover from the inside with a piece of white duct tape.
Duct tape and Pencil
9. Using the hole puncher, make a hole on the upper left corner of the pencil case near the top of the pocket.
Duct tape10. Loop the key ring through the hole.
Craft on a table11. Close the flap and flip the bag over.
Richela Fabian Morgan began her duct tape odyssey 8 years ago with a simple bi-fold wallet, before writing the best-selling crafting books Tape It & Make It, Tape It & Make More, and Tape It & Wear It. She is an indie crafter specializing in paper, adhesives, and found materials. Her newest duct tape crafting book, Duct Tape Bags, is available nationwide. For more information, please visit,

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