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Duct Tape Bag Tutorial

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A smiling girl holding a colorful duct tape bag with text overlay "Duct Tape Bag Tutorial.

Isn't Duct Tape the greatest! I have always loved doing crafts with duct tape, but now that they have so many adorable patterns and colors available, it is even more fun!! The thing I love most about making a Duct Tape Bag, is that each person that makes it uses their style and colors of Duct Tape and each one turns out unique and completely different! We did this craft with 20+ kids ages 3-15 and they all turned out so much fun. Naturally, the younger ages will need more supervision then the older kids.

Duct Tape Bag Tutorial

What you need
Garbage Bag
Duct Tape


A collection of colorful and patterned rolls of duct tape on a wooden surface for a Duct Tape Bag Tutorial.

1. Choose 3-5 colors/pattens of Duct Tape that coordinate for your bag.A crumpled sheet of white paper laid out on a carpeted floor beside a duct tape bag tutorial.

2. Cut a strip of a garbage bag to your desired size of bag. You can make small, medium or large bags. Ours were approx. 10inches x 24inches. As you can tell, your cutting doesn't need to be perfect. You will trim up the side of your bag later.

A crumpled piece of white paper with a colorful floral border and duct tape instructions on a carpeted surface.

3. Fold your bag in half and put a piece of tape along the full length of the bottom of the plastic. Turn over and repeat, so two pieces of tape our next to each other. This helps you keep track of where the bottom of your bag will be.

A colorful patterned notebook lies on a carpeted floor next to a piece of duct tape.

4. Unfold and continue lining plastic garbage bag with different patters of tape. The two matching pieces you see above is where the bottom fold of your bag will be.

A collection of colorful and patterned duct tapes spread out on a carpet for a Duct Tape Bag Tutorial.

5. Use strips of Duct Tape until once side of the plastic is completely covered. It is at this point where you will get your scissors and cut up the side of each bag to even in out.

Colorful patchwork-patterned blanket with various designs and textures, featuring a Duct Tape Bag Tutorial design, placed on a floor.

6. Fold your bag in half and use a strip of Duct tape to close up each side of your bag. Your bag will now be closed on three sides.

Various fabric pieces with colorful and patterned designs laid out on a carpeted surface for a Duct Tape Bag Tutorial.

7. Get two long strips of tape and fold them in half on top of them selves so they stick together. These will be your straps. Make sure and cut depending on if you want short straps or long straps. Ours were about 24 inches long.

Handmade duct tape bag with colorful, eclectic fabric patterns.

8. Tape your straps inside your bag with Duct Tape. Make sure they are lined up on each side so they will be even.

Duct tape and person


Enjoy! Happy crafting. I hope you enjoying making your own Duct Tape Bag!

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