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5 Must Have Items for Starting Junior High

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5 must-have items for starting Junior High: baseball-themed essentials including a backpack, lunchbox, notebook, water bottle, and binder.

This post is sponsored by Zazzle. All opinions are my own.

This year is a milestone in our family. My oldest child will be starting Junior High. It feels like not too long ago that I was in Junior High school, so it is crazy to think that my oldest will be starting in just a few weeks. There seems to be something about Junior High that causes anxiety in children. Maybe it is because they have been comfortable in the same school for so many years that the thought of going to a new school makes them nervous. Maybe it is because they are used to being the oldest in their school and now they will be the youngest. It also could be because they are used to having one main classroom and one teacher and now they have to get used to multiple teachers and changing classrooms every period. I'm sure it is a combination of all of these things.

As a parent, we want to do everything in our power to help our kids be excited, confident and prepared to go back to school. Especially if they are starting at a new school or in a new area. Sometimes I think that it is hard to be a parent because we do our part to help prepare them, but then we have to hand them over to the school and hope for the best. I especially think that entering Junior High is an important time for kids to learn how to take responsibility and depend on themselves for success. I'm really excited to see my son grow.

I will do my part, though, to help him to be prepared. And by being prepared he will feel more confident and capable to succeed. Having the proper school supplies will also help them to be confident. Here are 5 Must Have Items for Starting Junior High.

Black drawstring bag featuring a white silhouette of a baseball player pitching within a baseball seam design, perfect among the 5 must-have items for starting Junior High.1. Drawstring Backpacks-  My son will be starting real P.E. this year. He has it every quarter and one of the requirements is that they have to bring their own P.E. clothes. These Drawstring Backpacks are perfect for bringing his P.E. clothes to and from school so they can get washed.

Blue personalized water bottle with a baseball design, featuring the name "Kevin", is one of the 5 must-have items for starting Junior High.2. Water bottle. There are so many great styles of water bottles available to fit the needs of everyone. It is so important to stay hydrated at school and our classrooms allow the kids to keep a water bottle on their desk so they are continually drinking throughout the day.

Personalized notebook labeled "robbie" with a baseball-themed cover design, a must-have item for starting Junior High.3. Notebook. I think it is so important for kids to have extra notebooks on hand. I would have at least one for each subject so they can write down reminders, take notes and help keep them organized. You can personalize the notebooks with their name or with the subject.

Vr headset with a baseball-themed design, a must-have item for starting Junior High.4. Lunchbox. If your kids will be bringing an at home lunch everyday, you can find them a perfect lunch box to take with them to school. I think lunch boxes are a fun way for a kid to show their personality.

A weathered baseball, one of the 5 must-have items for starting Junior High, suspended against a plain background.5. Post-it-Notes. I think that post-it-notes are just about the best thing in the world. They are fantastic for keeping organized. For school, I recommend having a stack in your desk or backpack so whenever you need a reminder you can write it down. You can leave the note on your notebook, in a book, or on your locker so it is where you will need it the most.

You can visit Zazzle for Back to School supplies and Gifts so your child can start school confident, prepared and happy! They have such a great selection of products, styles and designs that each kid could customize it with their name and to their perfect style. I'm sure you can tell from the choices above, my sons perfect style!

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