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How to make a Crystal Easter Bunny and Carrot

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This Crystal Easter Bunny and Carrot is the perfect Easter Craft. Your kids will love this fun Easter Science experiment.

Crystal and Carrot

There are so many fun crafts with Borax. Making crystals is a fun craft as well as a fun science experiment. You can make this craft for any holiday. This is a fun preschool experiment or a great rainy day activity.

Crystal and Carrot

Crystal Easter Bunny and Carrot

Supplies needed:
- pipe cleaners in assorted spring colors 
- scissors
- pencil or chopstick
- clothespins (optional)
- borax powder
- water
- glass jar

A close up of supplies


1. Begin by using the pipe cleaners to create the spring shapes. For this project we created a carrot and a bunny. Use your scissors to snip the pipe cleaners down to the needed size.

For our bunny, we made an oval with our pipe cleaners and twisted on two oval ears. For the carrot, we twisted the orange pipe cleaner around our finger, then twisted on some green segments for greenery. 

Crystal and Carrot supplies

2. Bring two cups of water to a boil. Add in a 1/2 cup of Borax powder to every two cups of water you prepare. Remove from heat.

3. Tie an additional piece of pipe cleaner to the Easter design you created. Tie the opposite end to a pencil or chopstick. If you are having trouble holding the pipe cleaner in place, you can use a clothespin to secure it. 

Crystal and Carrot

4. Drop the design into the glass jar. Carefully fill the jar with the water and Borax mixture. Fill it to the top.

5. Allow the design to rest in place. After 24 hours you will notice the crystals starting to form. After 2-3 days the design will be coated in crystals. Remove from the jar, remove the hanging pipe cleaner, and set on paper towel to dry.

A piece of cake on a table
Crystal and Carrot

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A close up of a craft

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