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DIY At Home Bubble Recipe

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This DIY At Home Bubble Recipe will provide your kids (and dogs) with hours of fun!!


I don't think there is anything that kids love more than bubbles!! Bubbles give my kids joy and laughter and hours of fun. Now that we are stuck home more than usual my kids are looking for easy activities to keep them entertained.

With the weather starting to warm up, they are wanting to spend more time outside. Homemade bubbles are the perfect way to enjoy the summer weather, get some exercise and have a lot of fun.bubbles

Here is the perfect recipe for you. This can be used with any bubble wand. I recommend a Giant Bubble Wand.

Homemade Bubbles Expert Tips

  • Use a good quality bubble want. You can you any kind, but if you want large bubbles, I recommend getting a quality bubble wand.
  • Follow the directions exactly. If you don't use enough of each item you will find that your bubbles aren't as good.
  • Make sure solution its completely mixed together.

DIY At Home Bubble Recipe  

6 cups water
1 cup dish soap
1/4 cup Corn Syrup
Mix water and dish soap until mixed. Add corn syrup and stir until solution is completely mixed together.
A dog lying on the grass and bubbles
One thing that really surprised us was that even our dog Akira loves to join in on the bubble fun! My kids got a kick out of blowing bubbles towards him and he would jump to pop them. This DIY At Home Bubble Recipe makes the perfect large bubbles for hours of fun. 

Sharing is caring!