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You’ve been TP’d free printable

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Even during social isolation we can think of ways to help our neighbors. This “You’ve been TP’d” free printable gives you the chance to TP your neighbor, isolation style.

Text and toilet paper

I am so grateful to our kids teachers, doctors, delivery truck drivers, grocery store checkers and all others who continue to serve us during this hard time. It’s important to find ways we can give back. While still staying isolated.

One of the crazy things about emergencies and disasters like this one, is that people are hoarding important supplies like toilet paper.

toilet paper in front of door

I have seen so many funny Memes about the value of toilet paper. Unfortunately, it is a real problem and people are running out. This “you've been TP’D” free printable is a fun way to help your neighbor while meeting their needs.

close up of toilet paper

Click on the photo below to print this free printable. There are two options. One large and two on a page.
Cut out and tape to a pack of toilet paper and either doorbell ditch your neighbor or leave it on their porch. They will be grateful for the gift as well as love the surprise!
This is definitely the best kind of tp’ing! Here you go:


There have been so many posts about ways people are helping others. Some of my favorites are leaving treats for delivery drivers, or sending hand drawn pictures to nursing homes.

Text, whiteboard

Sharing is caring!