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S'more Ice Cream Sandwich

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Homemade S'more Ice Cream Sandwich with graham crackers, toasted marshmallow, and chocolate ice cream.

Did you know that Dreyer's has S'mores Ice Cream? Yeah, awesome, huh! When I saw this I knew that I had to buy it. I received coupons from Dreyer's to come up with a great back to school recipe and I was excited for the challenge. We love making s'mores during the summer. There is nothing better than the warm night air, stars in the sky and enjoying time together as a family eating s'mores. Now as we go back to school, the weather has started to cool down and we don't do it often enough.

With the kids back in school, it is even more important to me to find time in the evenings to create memories and spend time together. I feel like they are so busy with school stuff that the moments we do have together, I want to make them special. One great way to enjoy time spend together is through dessert. You laugh, but really, how many happy family memories do you have with dessert. Ice Cream makes me very happy. 🙂 I like to find recipes that are easy enough that my kids can join me in the kitchen while we make it and then we can enjoy eating it as a family. I decided to make a S'more Ice Cream Sandwich using the Dreyer's S'more Ice Cream and it is a winner!

S'more Ice Cream Sandwich

Graham Crackers
Chocolate Candy Bar
Dreyer's S'more Ice Cream

A square cracker placed on top of a partially melted chocolate walnut S'more Ice Cream Sandwich.1. Line Cake Pan with Wax paper and spread Dreyer's S'more Ice Cream in a layer on top of wax paper. Store Cake pan in freezer.
2. When you are ready to assemble your Ice Cream Sandwiches, pull out Wax Paper and lay flat on top of a cutting board. Lay your graham cracker square on top of the ice cream and with a knife cut the exact size in the ice cream.
3. Add a graham cracker top and bottom to the Ice Cream and store Ice Cream Sandwiches in the freezer.
A toasted marshmallow on a fork above a Hershey's chocolate bar, ready to create a S'more.

4. There are many ways that you can toast your marshmallow but I prefer to toast mine using my stove top. I stuck my marshmallow on a fork and held over flame until toasted.
5. Add a square of chocolate on top of graham cracker then add marshmallow on top of chocolate.
6. Finish with a final graham cracker on the top.

S'more Ice Cream Sandwich with toasted marshmallow on top.
7. Enjoy immediately. If you are wanting to return to freezer and enjoy later, add chocolate at the last minute because freezing the chocolate makes it hard to eat. 🙂

My favorite part about this recipe is not only does it taste delicious but it is super easy to make. My kids love helping in the kitchen and this is such a great back to school dessert recipe that everyone will be excited to help make! After a long day at school, it is fun to sit down with the kids and be able to enjoy such a tasty treat.

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A composite image showcasing S'more Ice Cream Sandwiches, with one featuring a toasted marshmallow on top and two others displaying the layered components of graham crackers, chocolate, and ice cream.

Here is another easy recipe that you can make using delicious Dreyer's Ice Cream:

A chocolate bonbon ice cream sits atop a brownie bite, presented on a rustic wooden surface as part of a S'more Ice Cream Sandwich. has great recipes for the whole family to create together! Now for more creative, family fun inspiration, you can visit Dreyer’s NEW Pinterest page at

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